Included Software

Our team pre-ordered the control system and got it only a few days ago. We are using the software that came with it. Yesterday was the first day that we got to start working with it. We hadn’t even had time to fondle the box until yesterday.:yikes:

Now we are a bit behind, but we are doing a lot of work to catch up. By the end of the day I finally got around to installing the software that came with it. I hit another snag after everything was installed. I may have missed this, but did it come with serial codes to activate the software? I didn’t find any, but I was so tired I might have missed it completely.

The Manual said that it was supposed to have serial codes on the disk sleeves, but there are none.

The cover of one of the install disks should have had a label that said:

FIRST Robotics
Competition Software, 2009
P/N …
S/N …

LabVIEW is looking for the “S/N” number for activation
Wind River’s activation is built-in.

It didn’t have it, but we sifted the box of the devil packing material and found the sticker that was supposed to be on the case. It must have rubbed off or something.