Incompatible OS problem

Hi! I am lead programmer of our team, which is all new, and we have been figuring things out as we went. However, now we have a problem that we can’t seem to figure out. We have reimaged the cRIO with the 2012 tool, but we can’t get programs to run. When I try running or debugging nothing seems to happen, and when I deploy I get an “incompatible OS” error at cRIO reboot (I have seen the program file is in the cRIO, but it won’t run). I’m at a loss for what to do, so thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

When you ran the cRIO Imaging Tool, did you tell it you would be using C++?

Yes, I remember doing that. When the team meets up I’ll reimage it again, but I highly doubt that is our problem.

The Incompatible OS error has stopped showing up, but now we have another error. We receive this error code instantaneously (after it is downloaded to the cRIO) when running in the debugger:
<terminated, exit value: 0>tFRC_UserProgram_StartupLibraryInit : 0x2667A10
Any ideas what’s causing this? We’re running the Simple Robot template.

EDIT: Got another error.](

After you installed the software, did you apply the required FRC Workbench Update? (There was a revised update released just a few days ago.)

I remember getting something like that when I first installed windriver. Think it was something to do with the 64bit win7. I had to uninstall all of the FRC components and start over from scratch…

A reinstall seems to have fixed our previous problem (thanks!), but now we have a red and yellow status light (sort of half-yellow half-red, depending on the angle you stand at) on the Black Jaguar.