Inconsistent Fender

In consideration of the game, I downloaded the Field CAD that FIRST supplies on the Field specification page. I noticed that there was an inconsistency in the Field dimensions and description as described in the manual:

2.2.4: A Fender is located directly below the Hoops at each end of the Court. The Fender is designed to protect the Hoops from damage by Robots. The Fender is 38-3/4 in. deep by 101 in. wide and measures 8-1/4 in. tall at the front, and 10-1/4 in. tall at the back against the Alliance Wall.

and in the CAD that FIRST supplies:

That piece that is colored differently on the right doesn’t belong. It definitely wasn’t on the field at the Manchester kickoff. I think has some pictures and video of the official field at the kickoff that should show that piece is “extra”.

I haven’t seen the CAD before. It appears to be in error. The fender is a two-part structure that has the dimensions you mentioned. Each piece looks like the part on the extreme right of the CAD drawing. There is a left and right part like this one which go together around the chute on the lower goal, but there is not a third one like shown in the CAD.

You can find the specifications in the Official Field drawings on the FIRST web site.

Dr. Bob