Inconsistent measurements in manual

I’ve found an inconsistency with measurements in the manual, in the diagram on page 23, it says that the width of level 1, with ramp included, is 10ft8, but the width of the second and third levels also seems to be 10ft8 even though there isn’t ramp space and it’s the same width as level one.

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This is the wrong place to ask FRC questions.
This is the OCCRA Q&A, not the FIRST FRC Q&A.

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Fixed the category.

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Yes Figure 4-20 also has an incorrect dimension for the depth of lvl 1 of the HAB they include the ramps there as well. Expect an update when they release the first team update, hopefully today.

From the top of section 4:

Illustrations included in this section are for a general visual understanding of the DESTINATION: DEEP
SPACE ARENA, and dimensions included in the manual are nominal. Please refer to the official drawings
for exact dimensions, tolerances, and construction details. The official drawings, CAD models, and
drawings for low-cost versions of important elements of the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE FIELD are
posted on the 2019 DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Game & Season Materials page on the FIRST®

FIRST tried to make the manual correct (and updates issues as they find them!), but please keep in mind that the field drawings are the “officially correct” measurements for everything, and supersede any measurements listed in the manual.

I did the math and the total length of level one, including the ramps, should be about 12 ft 6 inches… (10 ft 8 in + 1 ft 10 in (length of both ramps))