Incorrect Scoring/Penalties Finals Overtime #1 @ NYC Regional

To preface this thread, I’d like to congratulate both Alliance #1 and Alliance #2 @ the NYC Regional for having such an intense battle throughout the Finals. I understand that all the Refs are all volunteers and try to make the best calls in the situation, however I was confused by some of the penalties and scoring assessed throughout the Overtime #1 Match. It is just upsetting to see such a close match be determined by penalties and scoring that I don’t believe is necessarily correct. If anyone can clarify why the scoring and penalties were assessed the way they were it would be appreciated.

The match link is here: Finals 4 - New York City Regional 2023 - The Blue Alliance

Firstly, I’d like to address the Charge Station Scoring. In section 6.4.2 of the rulebook it states that “A ROBOT is ENGAGED if the CHARGE STATION is LEVEL, and all ALLIANCE ROBOTS contacting the CHARGE STATION are DOCKED”. At the end of the match, it is evident that team 8159 is still contacting the charge station meaning that both 1796 and 694 would be considered docked. With the current penalties assessed this would mean that the score would be in favor of Alliance #1 121 to 119.

While this isn’t a game changer by itself, the yellow card and tech foul for G205 assessed to Alliance #2 ultimately decided the match. I am confused as to why this call was made. In no way shape or form was there any damage done in this match to either alliance. There were a few instances where 334 (@1:57) from alliance #2 and 1796 (@1:40) from alliance #1 breach the frame perimeter of opposing alliances, but none of these were ruled as G204 or G205. I understand that it is a tough job for refs to decide the scoring of such a high intensity match, but it is particularly intriguing how 1 yellow card was able to decide the winners of this regional. If anyone can point out where this yellow card may have come from it would be nice for my own knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would really appreciate the clarification from someone more well versed in the rules.

Finals #4


The yellow card in Overtime #1 was caused by a Lexan panel that 334 removed from another robot. That is considered damage inside the frame perimeter and per G205, it’s a tech foul and yellow card.

From a 353 member who talked to the head ref.


Interesting, do you know when in the match that happened? I see various instances in the stream where each alliance are in each other’s frame due to bumper collisions which wouldn’t be ruled as a G204 or G205, but not when this lexan panel is damaged.

Can it be ruled that the contact at 1:47 by 334 on 1796 cause damage which made their panel fall off after 694 collided with them at 2:11? I really can’t find any direct instances of damage to lexan.

Oh boy, probably best to skip watching Einstein this year then…


As the drive coach for 353, I believe the yellow card is absolutely the correct call. The single instance alone, would probably not be, but it was the second match in playoffs it happened which would escalate it. Also the red card in match 2 could have gone either way as well. It was consistently called and an amazing battle that I was fortunate enough to be a part of.

Congrats to Alliance 1!