Increasing dashboard space?

I’m trying to add more space in our dashbaord for a few more indicators and variable display nodes (mostly for our robotics class) and I cant get the window any larger than the default dashbaord. Is it possible to either allow more space in the dashboard when it is running, or add scrolls into it so you can navigate to the other indicators?

Yeah, it’s possible and I’ve done it for our team’s dashboard this year,
I don’t remember everything exactly but that’s kind of it:

You need to go to File-VI Properties and select Window Size from the catagory pull-down menu.

After you’re done you need to go to the dashboard-main VI and find the previous sizes somewhere in there, they’re down if I remember correctly.
These number constants that you need to change decide how big the window will be, and how will it be positioned next to the driver station.

Save a copy of your dashboard before starting to mess up with it.

I opted to go below the “You shouldn’t need to change anything below this line” divider on the block diagram and delete all the code that resizes and moves the dashboard.

The other thing we did was to utilize a joystick button to toggle between two different pages in the tab control. This allowed us to display different controls on the dashboard depending on whether we were in “shoot” or “climb” mode.

Thank you guys! Both worked, now I just need to figure out which my team wants better :stuck_out_tongue: