Increasing Luck In FRC Competitions

What are some good luck charms your team keeps in your shop, field, with your drivers, driverstation, on the robot itself?

Do they work? Provide empirical evidence to support your claim.


We keep around a climber designed for the 2020 FRC Game “Infinite Recharge”


In 2018, we’d carry little blocks of wood to knock on at competitions. The robot never tipped over in competition, so that’s good enough for me.



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Please stay ON TOPIC


idk i think you should mark that as a solution

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Stop trying to tell my team what to do.


This is hands down the secret to 1923’s recent successes. Not strategy, strategic design, or outreach to increase our resource pool. Just Hi-Chews. Wanna get good? Get Hi-Chew. @Libby_K


Are you sure they’re working?


I thought the good luck charm was just Drost.

We keep Altoids on the robot cart. Drive team members get one before every match for luck.

Don’t know if it helps out luck, but their breath is better. :crazy_face:


I try and implement a costly and stress inducing for volunteers ball tracking system and use that data to make how good of a robot you built irrelevant so i can maybe luck into winning more coin flip matches than you do


I tend to follow the rituals for luck that have been passed down in our family for generations. We praise the old ones and they gift us with their blessings.


Our rookie year was Rebound Rumble. We were very underprepared for the season (Started 3 weeks late) so we made a robot with whatever we had on hand. The hood for our shooter was made of 5 gallon buckets screwed to plywood. In the middle of the shooter was the warning label about not putting babies in the bucket because they can down:

Every year since we have had the warning cut out of the bucket on our robot.


100% of the time that we have ridden the Detroit People Mover, we have gone on to be the division first pick the following day


From 2011-2013, I wore Lady Speed Stick at competitions. Forgot deodorant when packing for Peachtree, that was all they had at the hotel desk, so I ran with it…and we finally won an event. Across 2011 and 2012, we made playoff appearances at 4/4 regionals and hung three banners.

I discontinued the practice after 2815’s disastrous 2013, because superstitions are only crazy when they don’t work.


Isn’t it technically more effective?

Also, I want to smell like flowers, not Desert Breeze or Midnight Rush. Those are better as Gatorade flavors.


I love this

I have a pair of lucky socks I’ve worn for elims day of 3 of 2791’s 4 blue banners after wearing them at 1257’s 2016 District Championship win.

I’ve also worn them for many losses on elims days, something something correlation and causation

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Team 865 have a 2:1 blue banner to event ratio when drive team wears bucket hats so that may have to be a superstition we test out again.

In 2019 our operator had a Lucky 5/8 ratchet wrench. Needed to give it exactly 3 spins before every match. He forgot to do it before 2 matches in the season… Those were the only 2 matches we lost all season (before champs elims anyway).

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