Increasing Luck In FRC Competitions

to be completely serious - we like to attend week 6 frc events which are vc’d by the Naders because 66% of the time we’ve done it we’ve gone home with 2 medals, at least one being blue


For us it’s the C-Clamp. 2/3 of our event wins had robots with c-clamps on them, which is a majority so it counts.


My team has made a point of gathering around our broken kitbot from 2018 (named Jankbot) and chanting until the ghosts of our previous successful robots come out and they can give us good luck.


Blessed Buddha that is insulting to sports drinks.


I’m trying to figure out how to smuggle my dog in via backpack and he’s very reluctant to wear PPE so I gotta solve that too


After this year our new trick is someone saying Wouldn’t ____ be great. followed by me saying I don’t know and then followed by it happening. Has worked 1/1 times so far


They keep me on a keychain that’s only allowed to come out during alliance selection. Send help.

Edit: when I’m out I just say pick teams with climbers designed for the 2020 FRC Game “Infinite Recharge” though.


If this was the case, 1712 would have a blue banner by now

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Evidence: only time we got to dcmp finals was with them.
we’ll just ignore that it was in 2015 and that we were backups that only went up during finals 2, but thats not important

It’s because you’re getting the wrong PPE - You’re getting Personal Protective Equipment when you should be getting Puppy Protective Equipment.


We have a glass full of salt behind cabinet, and a swerve module from team 16

We’ve found ourselves doing better when we bring our drivers station to the field, so I guess that’s our “good luck charm”


No, she’s clearly invading her dog’s rights


In 2017 the person designing our shirts spelled our team name in all caps except for the letter “h” (BRONChO BOTS). We jokingly decided that was because the “h” was silent. Before that we had never made it to the elimination rounds. That year we made it to eliminations at both regional events. Now we make sure the “h” is lowercase every year on our team shirts. We expand that thinking to our robot name this year. It is MURPhY, which is pronounced MUR-PEE.


Not done for good luck but to avoid bad JuJu and we wouldn’t want to upset the Robot gods:

ALWAYS use black zip ties.
ALWAYS use black electrical tape unless the color absolutely has to be different.
NEVER use electrical tape.

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I heard no mention of peanuts during this morning’s Mars 2020 launch, but the folks at JPL must have been munching away regardless.

Yep. And will be again in February for EDL.

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This isn’t one that my team does, but rather something I do. Every year I’ve been on driveteam since 2018, I’ve worn the same 8 ball socks, and since then, I’ve played in the finals at every district event I’ve attended except for 1. Coincidence, I think not! (see socks below)

Confirmed this works. 2017 Clamp on bot, won 2 blue banners at Marysville. Removed clamp for St Louis… No banner.