Increasing Outreach? Help Collect LEGO Robots for Educational Equity

Is your team hoping to increase community outreach efforts, or is your team interested in starting?

My name is William, and I’m a FRC and FIRST LEGO League (FLL) alum. I recently started a nonprofit called RoboRecovery, which seeking to increase educational robotics access in under resourced New Orleans schools. RoboRecovery offers a convenient and cost-free way of strengthening your team’s community impact on a national level.

What is RoboRecovery
RoboRecovery collects any used LEGO Mindstorms parts and kits, either from the NXT or EV3 product lines. Through a partnership with the New Orleans-based nonprofit STEM Library Lab, we loan these resources to New Orleans K-12 educators for free.

RoboRecovery is seeking to:

  1. Save schools thousands of dollars each in robotics equipment costs
  2. Address equity issues of access in STEM education
  3. Grow interest in FIRST robotics programs and careers in STEM for New Orleans youth.

How it Works
The donation process is simple and hassle-free.

  1. Collect LEGO robotics resources in your community.
  2. Pack these robots/LEGOs into cardboard boxes (No need to disassemble or organize)
  3. Print and tape on the shipping labels that we’ll email (RoboRecovery covers shipping expenses!)
  4. Drop the package off at a UPS store.

Why Support RoboRecovery
• On your team’s end, this opportunity would be a great addition to a Chairman’s Award application for FRC teams, and we would be able to provide testimonials for your impact in video or document submissions.
• It’s completely free for you to donate, and it would be a great summer or offseason team project.

Two Ways You Can Help RoboRecovery (in just two minutes)
• Is your team interested in organizing a LEGO robotics donation drive in your community? Connect us with business/operations/outreach leads on your team! Send us an email at roborecoveryNOLA
• Does your team mentor any community or school LEGO robotics programs? Know any retired FLL teams that still have their robots? Forward this flyer to them.

Please send me any inquiries, suggestions, questions, or comments at Thank you for contributing to a more equitable New Orleans educational landscape!