Increasing Swerve Drive Speed

After competing week one, my team is looking to upgrade our L2 MK4 modules (currently run by Neo 1650s) to something faster. We were considering moving to Kraken drive motors and keeping the Neos as steering motors, but while I was looking at the SDS website, I noticed that our modules, should they be upgraded, would have the same advertised free speed. I have a few questions regarding this possible conversion and the best way to maximize speed with a drive motor upgrade:

Is the free speed comparable to the speed of the modules under load? Will the Krakens allow us to move faster under load than the Neo 1650s?

Will there be any obvious programming/electrical issues associated with running both a 1650 and a Kraken on each module?

Would we be better off going to Neo Vortexes instead of Krakens? (They have a higher free speed and our modules are already relatively geared for torque.)

Feel free to add any additional advice if your team has done something similar and ask questions. Thanks!

The krakens will give you more acceleration. That’s what you really want. You want the motor that gives you the most power, not necessarily free speed.


Thanks for your advice. However, we have been more than satisfied with the acceleration provided by the Neo 1650s. We are looking for more speed with at least the same amount of acceleration. Both Vortexes and Krakens will provide this, hence the free speed question.

The free speed is the speed at 12volts. It’s relative to that. If you are geared to where this isn’t really dipping and you are fine with the acceleration you have, then yes you would probably want to use vortexs as they would have higher kV. However, what you really should be doing is using the motor you think is best and gearing down for it.

Thanks again for the advice. If the items were in-stock, we would be converting to L3 and then using Krakens. Unfortunately, custom gearing is hard to do on SDS modules, as they have the specialized double gear, so we are looking for the next best thing to increase our speed while we wait for L3 to be in-stock.