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Great Thanks to a lot of team for posting information about their robot, and sharing design ideas. We really do encourage everyone to post about robot design. After all, this competition is really about learning from each other, and inspiration of science and technology. :wink: So don’t be afraid to upload pictures to these online sources, or look at pictures of other robots and use ideas they have. We are better off if everyone learn more in this competition, as participants in this FIRST robotics competition, or as scientist and engineers in this society.

So feel free to share and learn from each other. :wink:

By the way, sorry for not having descriptions of all the posts, but as you can see, there are so many posts to go through… All of these robots are cool in their own way, so look through the posts if you have time. :wink: Also, if I missed anyone, just post a short reply to this thread pointing to the thread you posted…

Team 7:

Team 16:
A very cool Ball robot that collect balls really fast, and shoot them into the goal. #1 seed of Lone Star regional.

Team 21:
A great entry from ComBBAT that can get 3 goals.

Team 25:
Very creative hooks that run into goals quickly and grab them fast.

Team 27:
Check out their spiral ball mechanism

Team 38:

Team 45:
A solid entry from Technokats (again!). Amazing on-the-fly shifter for 4~6 motors drive train, great traction tank treads, and a huge ball basket capable of scoring 20 balls.

Team 47:
The Chief’s robot! Very fast ball mechanism that scored 19 balls one round. You have to see it to believe it. Too bad the ball harvester and goal grabber isn’t visible in the picture.

Team 56:
Excellent ball robot this year. Can grab two goals, AND capable of scoring huge amount of balls with that giant ball roller

Team 60:
With an Initial inspection of the picture, I thought they are only lifting one side of each goal off the ground… Now that I look closer, both goals seems to be completely off the ground! Very nice looking robot from team 60 (again!) with gear shifter on each wheel.

Team 61:
Very strong robot at KSC regional.

Team 64:
Watch out for this Gila monster robot with a crab drive that “drive like a dream”.

Team 71:
Not too much we can tell from this little picture, but you know last year’s National champion have got to have a cool machine. I heard it can get three goals… :wink: And they only have two wheels…

Team 85:
Team 93:

Team 111:
VERY COOL swerve movement and balls shooter. Got to check out their video!

Team 116:

Team 121:

Team 118:
Great two goals robot at Lone Star. Totally deserve the Motorola quality award.

Team 145:

Team 151:

Team 166:

Team 173:
Really strong arm on the robot that can also get a lot of balls. Winner of Long Island regional.

Team 180:
Very fast robot that got to the goals with an amazing speed. Winner of KSC regional.

Team 188:
Check out their 6 motor drive train. :wink:

Team 217:
Believe it or not, this team managed to design a Continuous Variable transmission on their drive train. Watch out for them at competition.

Team 226:

Team 234:

Team 237:
Check out their 4 wheel drive system w/ crab movement and parking break (I think).

Team 255:

Team 308:
Another impressive two goal robot from the 2002 Wall Lake monster.

Team 360:
Look at their setup for a swerve drive!

Team 365:
The famous MOE bot that can get 3 goals with their wings.

Team 378:

Team 383:
The Brazilian machine that can get tons of balls!

Team 384:
Team 494:

Team 497:

Team 524:

Team 535:

Team 555:

Team 610:
A great entry from another Canadian team.

Team 639:

Team 768:

Team 810:

Team 871:

Team 992:
Check out this creative “go home” device.

Hi Ken
Looks great. Makes it easier to find all the bot pics when they are in one place.

Wayne Doenges