IndexOutOfBoundsException with NI Vision

We have been using an axis M1013 IP camera for our vision system this year. We slightly modified the Axis Camera example program to save pictures the camera takes to the roboRIO for debugging purposes. We have repeatedly gotten “IndexOutOfBoundsException” with our call to the HSLImage class’s “write” function. We have tried a lot of debugging and I think that the problem lies with ByteBuffer allocation in the roboRIO (this happens internally in WPILIB’s writing function) but we have not fully confirmed this. In addition, the example axis program does not work as expected - we get no image on the dashboard. We can view the camera from the SmartDashboard and we can use the getImage() function without exceptions.

Thank you for your help.

We should have a new wpilib release out within the next day or two that will hopefully fix the problem, please let us know if that doesn’t fix it.

Thank you! We used the 01-16-15 version and it worked.