Indiana Championship Webcast

The Indiana Championship will be webcast in HD.

Webcast will be live at 8 AM.
Exhibition Matches begin at 9:30 AM.
Elimination Tournament begins about 1:15 PM

Congratulations to 868 234 and the earthquakers

Awesome job. I caught elims, and it appears as though it was a really neat event. Finals were spectacular.

Results -

Alliance Selection

  1. 1741, 447, 4781
  2. 868, 234, 3487
  3. 71, 1501, 3940
  4. 829, 1018, 4545
  5. 1024, 1747, 2197
  6. 4824, 135, 1646
  7. 3947, 3301, 3176
  8. 3147, 461, 3936

Declines - 829 and 868 declined 1741, 3947 declined 4824


1>8 in 2
2>7 in 2
3>6 in 2
4>5 in 2

4>1 in 3?
2>3 in 2

2>4 in 3

Champions - 868, 234, 3487
Finalists - 829, 1018, 4545

Scholarship Winners ($2500 each)
Nicholas Pinco (Team 829) - Interactive Intelligence Foundation
Tim Balz (Team 3487) - IndianaFIRST

It has been a very long season on 1018. We struggled with jamming the whole year and finally right before elims we got ourselves fully functional. Thanks to 829 seeing our potential we found ourself on a strong alliance it was a great ride to the finals. Honestly we thought we wouldn’t have much chance in the finals 234 and 868 were putting up so many point with earthquakers consistent 30. We took it to 3 games though and lost by 3 points, so close! But what was the most inspiring thing about today was something one of our seniors said. Me having a broken arm he took over human player and right after we lost finals 3 he said today was his favorite senior moment and he’d remember it forever. That was inspiring to me and losing by 3 points just motivated us. FIRST is a beautiful organization win or lose. Thanks 829 and 4545 for the ride and congrats to 868 234 and Earthquakers all of u had great bots!
Just my tale on today

1501 had tremendous fun at the event. It seemed to go by so quickly with only a few practice matches and robot showcases.

Congratulations to 868, 234, and 3487.

Thank you to 71 for selecting us. It was exciting for us to finally work with a such storied team that we all have humble respect for. In addition, thank you to 3940 for rounding out the alliance. We have always looked forward to the day when we would be able to play with you sometime, and were happy this was the moment. Together, we had some of the special moments in the competition, and we are glad to be a part of these experiences.

Despite the positives, I do not feel the Perry Meridian gym was not a suitable host for the championship. The pits were crowded up to the point where some of the teams had to place tools and other parts in a hallway nearby, which caused some more congestion. Granted, the crowd was not very big to actually have these problems frequently, but it was still prevalent. Concessions seemed to run out of food rather quickly.

Other than those two complaints, I would say the Indiana State Championship was a success. I am looking forward to the future when Indiana has enough teams to accommodate more than 24.

4>1 in 2.

We made the choice to keep everyone together in the gym to add to the atmosphere and keep everyone close to the field and we made the pits as big as we could (7x10). There is an aux gym, but it didn’t seem like a good choice to use it with just 3 exhibition matches and then eliminations. Teams would have spent a lot of time just going back and forth to the pits.

As for food, we had to estimate the number who would attend and then the Dad’s Club bought food to support that estimate. Since this was a first time event, it was hard to get a good estimate on how much was needed. Also, since it is the end of the school year, they didn’t want a lot of leftover items that would have to be thrown out. The info from this event will be passed on for 2014.