Indiana FIRST Championship Event - May 18

New for 2013, IndianaFIRST is hosting a State Championship. The invited team list is based on qualifying points similar to FiM, MAR and Minnesota. Ranking points are based on a teams best event but only one event. The only real difference in our point system is that points were awarded for RCA, EI and RAS.

There will 24 teams competing. The event plan is to play “Exhibition” matches in the morning, then have alliance selections, and then the Elimination tournament. Alliance captains are based on the ranking points as listed below. The Exhibition matches will allow teams to see each other play.

The event is May 18 at Pery Meridian High School in Indianapolis.

**EDIT - There was an error with 4008 and 1760. The updates are below. The correction puts 4008 at 27 and 1760 at 28. **

Rank Team Points
1 1741 74
2 868 71
3 234 67
4 71 64
5 829 49
6 447 44
7 1024 41
8 4824 38
9 3947 36
10 3147 35
11 1018 35
12 4545 34
13 1747 33
14 3301 33
15 1646 31
16 3940 29
17 135 28
18 3936 27
19 1501 27
20 461 25
21 2197 19
22 3176 19
23 3487 18
24 4781 18
25 4791 16
26 4690 16
27 4008 15
28 1760 15
29 3565 14
30 4272 13
31 292 12
32 45 12
33 4070 12
34 4485 12
35 2867 12
36 3494 11
37 1720 10
38 1529 10
39 2360 10
40 3865 10
41 4211 10
42 4580 10
43 4846 9
44 4103 8
45 4081 8
46 2171 6
47 3559 6
48 4058 6
49 4234 6
50 3180 5
51 2909 4
52 4760 0

Awesome! I’m glad to see another state following in MN’s footsteps :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what’s the rationale for using a team’s best event? Here in MN, the decision was made to use every team’s first event, in order to eliminate any benefit a team would have from playing at multiple events. Personally, I can see the argument either way… last year, my team didn’t make States because we blew it our first event, but we did well our second.

The reason we went with best event is because this is a robot competition, and we wanted the 24 best robots in Indiana. This is the pilot year for this program, and we wanted the most ‘bang for our buck’ from a spectator standpoint. If this model doesn’t work for some reason, we can always change it in the future.
It should be noted that the criteria for ranking teams is based on the FiM/MAR/MN models, but we also assigned points for RCA and EI.

I find the usage of ranking for alliance captains interesting. Is the intent of this to make the event one day.

Sounds good to me!

Here in MN, we don’t award points for RCA or EI… Instead we give 10 points for submitting for Chairman’s, regardless of which regional you submit at. They started that in order to provide an extra incentive to submit and help teams progress overall.

Will the Alliance selection be the standard FRC setup?

If they’re following Minnesota’s lead, it will be a 4 alliance tournament, 1vs4, 2vs3, winners play for the title.

To answer a few of the questions -

We used the rankings for Alliance Captains so we could do a 1 day event.
During May, adding another day out of school for students was going to be a challenge. We also knew that doing any type of qualification matches needed 8 - 10 matches to be effective, so we decided to use the rankings. The “exhibition” matches allow the alliance captains to see robots in action that they may not have seen during the season.

Alliance selection will be 1-8, 8-1. Our only difference is that if you are not an alliance captain at the time you are picked, you cannot decline. (For example, if you are #9 and expecting to move up, you still have to say yes).

8 alliances of 3 robots. No backups.

This is awesome!

Even though 3081 will not be competing at state champs this year, last year was incredible. Inaugural tournaments are always exciting and special. Have fun!

A state championship brings in a lot of statewide attention - just what FIRST needs! :slight_smile:

NO BACK UPS WOW THIS IS GONNA BE FUN…Just curious what will happen if a robot malfunctions will it be 2v3 robots

Where can we sign up to volunteer (if volunteers are needed)?

And that’s where this really differs from the MN event! I was told by the VC that I was volunteering here at the MN event back in November :stuck_out_tongue:

if a robot breaks, it becomes 3 v 2.
but a broken robot can return to another match if it gets fixed.

There will be a link for volunteering.

here is the updated IndianaFIRST website.

There was an error in the original ranking list.

Check the first post for the correction.

Team 4008 and 1760 moved up in the rankings.

I’d like to ask that every team that registers for this event please volunteer one personnel if you haven’t yet. This is not a requirement to compete, but we are still in need of field reset crew and referees especially.

If you’re interested, please sign up to volunteer via the link below:

Indiana State Championship Event Volunteer Signup

Thank you!

Registered to Volunteer. Both roles mentioned above I can help with.

I wish I could come, but we are on our way back from a much needed vacation on that day. Looking forward to reading posts about how the event ran.

Any word on a live-stream? I have gotten several questions on whether there will be way to view the tournament online by out of town family members and fans.

we expect to be live streaming. updates will be provided before the event.