Indiana Goes Nuts! Time Zone Change!

For all of you unaware of this spectacular event, Daylight Saving Time has just passed in the Indiana Senate. Over the past 30 years, our marvelous state has been battling against or for this thing.

Either the cows get confused or the businesspeople get confused, but one or the other it’s coming head to head.

For those of you totally confused, Indiana is on Standard Time, i.e., we observe EST for one half of the year (we did until April 2nd) and CST the other half (what we’re on now, lasts somewhere into fall).

So hoosiers, what do you think? Non-hoosiers, what do you think?

My dad is all for it, and I’m all against it. I’m too lazy to change my clocks and to stubborn to want any change. I don’t really care about the extra hour that much, and for some reason I feel like the whole state is going to be pretty messed up for the first week that DST is active. :ahh:

I don’t get the big deal. I like being on CST time just because Viva la bam and some of my other favorite shows come on an hour earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: But hey, we elected the state reps for a purpose hopefully they did the right thing.

You silly hoosiers sure get worked up easily. :stuck_out_tongue: Daylight Savings Time? Although I think it did take me about two weeks to get all of my clocks correct after spring ahead. Actually, the car clock is still technically wrong, but it took about two weeks to get used to the fact that it’s an hour wrong. (Yes, I know, wouldn’t it be so much easier to put it right…probably, but I procrastinate, and by the time I reset it fall back will have rolled around, at which time what was the point of changing it anyway…besides, I’m so used to it being wrong that if it was right I would be confused).

All I have to say is its about time!

As a native of Northwest Indiana, I never had to be confused as to whether it was eastern or central time. Since we are basically a part of Chicago, we do what they do when it comes to the clock. I believe the Evansville area is the same way.

Finally the rest of the state is catching up to those of us civilized folk :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s amusing, since DJ is always hassling me about DST …

Session Start: Sat Apr 30 00:26:05 2005

[00:26] KatieReynolds93: :smiley:
[00:27] DJ: yeah yeah yeah
[00:27] KatieReynolds93: lol
[00:30] DJ: im moving to arizona


I’ve only lived in Michigan and Wisconsin, so DST is “the norm” for me. shrug I think you hoosiers will adjust just fine!!