Indiana Teams: The TechnoKats will be on WRTV 6 in a few moments

check it out

Other then our lead teacher having my name at the opening of the segment…it was great!

got a digital version for us CD ppl to enjoy?

It will also be on again at 11:00 (in about 40 minutes).

they fixed the Chris Byam - Kyle Love issue on the later newscast <- No… Kyle has not aged 20+ years. This is really Chris Byam, TechnoKat lead teacher.

This was definitely a suprise… Channel 6 called Mr. Byam and within 2 hours, they were shooting video in our shop. It must’ve been a slow news day. The reporter told us that our mayor encouraged her to do a positive story in Kokomo, and she came to the TechnoKats.

Andy B.