Indiana Teams

So how did Indiana teams do this weekend across the country? 393 will be going to Detroit this next week for our first competition and are excited to get there!


we went to st louis this past weekend. we seeded 9th and got bumped to 8th, but were picked by the 3rd seed. we lost in double overtime of quaterfinals (they win, we win, tie, tie, they win). also we own the imagery award so im happy :smiley:

Sounds like you guys did a great job! Congratulations and thanks for the update!!!

How did you do with your animation? Did you submit to this regional?

234 was top seed and formed an alliance with 60 and 898.
Lost in second round - mechanical problems on two of the robots.
Great fought matches by everyone.

234 won the Entrepaneurship Award and website - congratulations team!

We were also extremely excited to win a hand made and hand painted “Gracious Professionalism” award from Team 294! Thanks so much -
that was awesome. We had tools and parts and are always happy to share.

One of my favorite moves of the day was when WPI (190) drove to the platform and was hanging at the top of the ar before the Autonomous Mode was over - Incredible!

461 went to the Great Lakes Regional. We were ranked 22nd going into aliance picks and was the second pick for the #1 aliance made up of 111 and 27. Thank you to those teams for selecting us. We were eliminated in the quarter finals. We also won the sensors and controls award (don’t remember the exact name.)

yea we submitted to st. louis, however we didnt win. i saw a few of the scores for our team (a 95, 75, and 60) so i think people had mixed views. the one that won was pretty good. it had a robot plant a seed and water it and beam down sun from a satellite and then a flowe popped out and said first on the petals. there theme was planting the seeds for the future.

G-Force 535 got picked by Team 1098 to play in the finals. We played against Team 1024 in above post. That round was soo exciting. We had some very crazy stuff happen. Double tie, DO OVER match etc…it was nuts. We had alot of fun. There was alot of good teams for sure.

Unfortunately we were hit with some bad luck. First round, Wildstang and Rush were both unable to hang. Second round, Wildstang was unable to hang and we flipped the 2x ball out of the goal just after capping.

Like Eric said, we would like to thank Wildstang and Rush for the chance to play. It was a close one! You both have great bots and we look forward to seeing both of you at the Midwest Regional.


Team 292 was at GLR. We did much better than I expected. We finished QM as ranked 4th. We asked teams 302 and 141 to join us in competition for the finals. We played wonderful rounds but got knocked out in an EXTREMELY close 3rd match in semifinals. The competition was great and everybody had a wonderful time.


Team 1018 had a great run at St. Louis.
We finished the qualifications at 17th… after having to tweak our arm a few times…
We were part of a GREAT alliance!!! 1098 and 535 (another Indiana team)

The Quarter was AMAZING… 5 matches and with 1098 disabled two Indiana teams 535 and us held off the #3 alliance twice and finally won in the last match. It was hard fought and it was too bad that in the fifth match of the quarter…both of our opponents were on the ground…

The semi was also wonderful… unfortunately we weren’t entirely ready for the physical tactics of the #2 alliance and 1098 was disabled early…
We won the second match but in the third …the continued pounding took its toll and our pneumatic actuator was bent and we couldn’t pick up the ball in the end… if we had… we would have capped the small goal that had 11 balls in it and that would have given the alliance the win…
We felt bad letting the alliance down at the last second like that but there was little we could do with the piston bent…oh well…

All in all a WONDERFUL event…

Indiana did even better as the team we mentored:
1272 out of Bloomington were FINALISTS!!!
and team 1331 …another Rookie from Bloomington… was a quarterfinalist along with Team 1024 from Indianapolis…

Indiana was well represented in the final matches…
We had 6 chosen to go on out of the 8 there and Team 135 and Team 1020 had great robots too!!!

Indiana had a great Tournament… we can’t wait until Cleveland…
We will repair our arm there and with the experience gained from St. Louis, we will try and put in a good showing for Indiana again!!!

thanks to everyone that helped us!!!

Just got back from AZ and boy was that a great weekend. We had some success in the qualifying rounds but ran into a little trouble in the semis. All in all I was pleased with our performance. Glad to here that other Indiana teams did well. Good luck to 393 as they take off for Detroit this weekend and we will see some of you in Chicago soon.

Go “Indiana Teams”

(Can’t say Indiana cause it sounds like I’m cheering for the Hoosiers, and being a Boiler fan I just can’t type it.) :smiley:

This is a report from the TechnoKats at GLR.

We ended up 5-2 in the qualifications, ranked #10, and scooted up to be alliance captain of the 7th seeded alliance.

We ended up getting beat in the first round of the finals. It was fairly dramatic. We had about 12 balls in the stationary goal, and were going for a 2x cap. Then, our gripper fell off of the arm and crashed to the ground from about 10 feet up. At that moment, I remembered that the hook we previously removed has a double function - to keep the gripper on the arm. Ooops.

During the next match, as we were frantically fixing our arm, our alliance partners could not match our opponents. We lost in 2 matches.

All in all, I’d say we did OK. Our team was great, as everyone pitched in to make the usual TechnoKat effort. We had a great pit crew, a good cheering section, and numerous people in other pits, helping teams out.

My favorite moment of the weekend was fixing our arm after it broke in the elimination rounds. Although we did not play again, it was a sight to see. Here was the scene: Our robot’s arm was not functional and it was positioned almost straight up. I was standing on our robot cart, attaching the hook. Another student (Steven Jones) was helping me attach the hook while sitting on a student’s shoulders. Right below us, our lead electrical student (Greg McCoy) was re-wiring a Globe motor. At the other end of the arm, 2 students and 2 engineers were replacing a drill motor and plastic mounts.

So, it was one of those moments where we HAD to get the robot fixed and it did not matter who did it. Being one of those teams who gets accused of having the engineers do all of the work, we were proud that we proved that our students were the ones who helped to fix the 'bot when it was crunch time.

We will definitely be ready to roll in Chicago.

Andy B.

Classic! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I know exactly how you must have felt (“hey, does anyone remember whether we used English or Metric units on this spacecraft???”).

Andy and all the TechnoKats - congratulations on your performance, both on and off the field. Once again, you are demonstrating the power of a real team - both students and mentors - to pull off miracles and have a real impact.


I have video of the “oops” moment. The gripper did a graceful loop around the arm as it swung loose, then fell free. The remarkable thing is that it never lost its hold on the multiplier ball, even after it hit the ground!

I really, really DON’T want to see that video. It has been on an endless loop in my mind for the past 2 days. :slight_smile: I can’t wait until I replace that memory with better ones in Chicago.

Andy B.


Don’t feel so bad: I have a LOT of those endless loops playing in my mind, such as…

#1: In 1999 at Nationals, our team was ranked 9th going into our final match of the seeding rounds. Our partner was team 1. Our two opponent robots didn’t move the entire match, leaving the field free for us to get a perfect score. Had we only scored 320 points (out of a possible 540), we would have been the number 1 seed at Nationals. However, our pit crew replaced the left-rear motor and had assured us that the pre-match checklist was completed and the robot was working. Guess what: it was wired backwards! Our robot just sat there and could 0nly spin around in a circle. Instead of being the #1 seed, we wound up 19th (the top 16 got to pick) and no one picked us - we sat out and watched the elimination rounds. This was perhaps my saddest day in all of FIRST.

#2: At the 2000 Nationals, we were ranked around 20th with a couple of matches to go. We were up against 126 (Gael Force), who had a great robot. Some judges were at our pits looking over our robot just before our match, so we were forced to rush to our match, and set the robot on the field without doing the pre-match checklist. The match started and guess what again: our robot didn’t move! The guys in the pits unplugged all of our drive motors so the judges wouldn’t get hurt. Upon seeing this, our drivers tried to use our arm to crawl to the bar. Time ran out when we were about 6 feet short of the ramp. We lost the match by 8 points. Had we hung, we would have won (hanging was worth 10 pts.). We ended up seeding 21st. Had we won this match we would’ve seeding around 12th. Once again, we didn’t get picked and we had to watch the elimination matches wondering what could have been. On the good side, we did end up winning the Leadership in Control award at nationals, so I guess the tradeoff wasn’t too bad.

There are a couple more, but I can’t bring myself to go on.

I have to chime in on this one!

The TechnoKat repair moment was an awesome sight to see! I was the announcer at GLR and had a close up view of the action. I came over to the TK alliance to tell them they had a few minutes left in their time out before they had to declare who was playing in the next match. I really thought they were going to get that arm fixed in time!

Here is the scene:

Andy and a student high in the air fixing the gripper mechanical issues. The student was sitting on another student’s shoulders while turning wrenches … it was incredible. In between Andy and the other student was the electrical student crimping on electrical connectors above his head. There were various other students doing many different things and I actually stopped what I was doing to observe this beautiful vision of FIRST in action. It is a moment I will NEVER forget.


Team 135 was at St Louis. Ended up ranked 28th and weren’t chosen for finals which gave the pit crew an entire afternoon to continue working the robot. We needed it.

See you in Chicago.

1020 ended up 32/52. I think the kids were pleased with our rankings. Our last win pushed us up from 42.

Most of all, though… I think we got quite a few inspired juniors out of this event. The whole way home, all I heard was ideas on what to do next year to make our program better… :slight_smile:

Wow! Just goes to show you the quality of Indiana teams :slight_smile:

And everyone thought we were all about the corn :rolleyes: