Indiana Unified Robotics

Hi fellow Hoosiers! As the new school year starts, we want to give everyone an update on what’s happening with Unified Robotics in Indiana this year!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Unified robotics, it’s a relatively new robotics program where students with intellectual and developmental disabilities pair up with neurotypical peers to build a LEGO robot and compete in a game. Teams using the national program build sumo bots that are entirely autonomous; however, Indiana is experimenting with an FRC and FLL meld where robots complete autonomous tasks on an FLL board and later do remaining tasks in a teleoperated period. After doing this type of game last year, all Indiana teams will be part of another trial of this inclusive, fun game design.

Additionally, since the program will be relatively small this year, team 461 will be lending LEGO NXTs to teams. We also are sourcing the mats and necessary LEGOS but will need to charge a fee to cover costs. If you or your team are interested in receiving more information about the program or how to start a team, fill out this form so we can get in contact with you!

If anyone has any questions about the program, feel free to contact me directly! I would highly recommend it; of all the outreach I’ve done (FLL, educational workshops, demos, etc), this is by far the most rewarding and impactful. Because students within the special Ed program receive minimal STEM education, starting a Unified team is unique in its reach and power to inspire.