IndianaFIRST Logo Contest

IndianaFIRST is seeking a new design for our logo, and decided at a meeting a few weeks ago to open the process up to anyone who wishes to submit one.

If you have a great idea for a logo, submit it to [email protected]. More information about submission guidlines and criteria are available at

The deadline for submissions is November 21st and voting will begin on November 22nd.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or contact [email protected]

I like the one you have. ??

I don’t THINK so !! :ahh:

But very nice attempt Jack … :wink:

I was bored after school today…

This might conflict with FIRST’s logo usage policies (I’ll have to go look), so this is just a conceptual idea.

EDIT: This isn’t a formal entry at this point.

My shot at it.

Indiana FIRST logo.jpg

Indiana FIRST logo.jpg

WOW! They all look awesome so far, is there anyway we can see the entries?

Thank you, sir.

Yea, it’d be cool if you could post the acceptable entries on the INfirst site. Who’s choosing it? Can people vote for what they like best? (which doesn’t necessarily have to determine the winner).
I too like the current one, but I’m sure there will be some neat entries.

Here are my submissions, I wasn’t sure what “look” you were going for. I like the old logo so I took the new FIRST logo and gave it that look.

Voting will take place in a few weeks, It will be open to the public. And the final decision will be made by IndianaFIRST

Please see this page for instructions on submitting logos:

Posting them on here as attachments isn’t a great idea because it is going to unnecisarily tax ChiefDelphi’s bandwidth (i know the site isn’t that busy but…)

Keep the logos coming though, i am liking what i’ve seen so far!

Not trying to cause any trouble, since there are some very creative ideas here, but on the FIRST web site under FIRST Logo Standards (

it says:

Do not change or modify the logos. The lettering is specifically designed and cannot be recreated by any conventional typesetting methods. Use only the provided appropriate master files.

Do not distort or in any way change the logo proportions.

Do not change the logo colors.

Do not place our logos within any graphic shapes.

© FIRST 2004

I don’t know how particular they are about this, so caveat emptor

If that’s the case Indiana FIRST has broken that rule a long time ago with their old logo design.

Wouldn’t those just apply to FIRST’s trademarked logos? I never really got the impression that their logo standards were meant for other logos that were inspired by (but different from) the original.

Those standards apply in all cases. Just as you coudn’t, say, make a logo for your company, SEABS, that looks like that of SEARS, you can’t make alterations to the trademark protected FIRST logo without risking legal action.

More appropriately, you can make any changes you’d like in defiance of those regulations and it is FIRST’s responsibility to challenge them so as to maintain trademark protection, as you could do in the example above. You can be sure that Sears would have something to say about it. Similarly, I’m sure FIRST retains legal counsel who would, perhaps begrudgingly, step in if their logo is being prominently misused.

Further, FIRST’s rules dictate that the name IndianaFIRST be absent from any logo the organization adopts. Keep that in mind. Is the official nomenclature IndianaFIRST or Indiana FIRST, in any case? I’d question the suitability of the former.

The single caveat is that you may be able to distort their logo in parody. I don’t imagine that Indiana FIRST wants to be considered such, however.

First of all, the “informal” IndianaFIRST group was formed back in 2000, before FIRST instituted the current regulations. Just last year, we formally organized ourselves into an organization with established by-laws and a board of directors. IndianaFIRST has no desire to infringe on regulations FIRST has established regarding using the name and a modified version of the original logo, even though we have been an organization since 2000.

With that being said, we have contacted *FIRST *for their official ruling using the name and logo. IndianaFIRST mission is to attract schools and students to participate in on of FIRST’s programs to help inspire them into science and technology.

We will be eagerly be waiting for a ruling from FIRST. :]

As a point of order, I notice a lot of people italicizing the word “FIRST”. That’s not necessary in text; that’s merely their way of emphasizing their name on their logo and promotional materials. The legal name continues to be “United States Foundation for The Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”, so any appropriate initalism or acronym (or in the case of “U.S. FIRST”, a hybrid) is valid. They can’t sue you for not italicizing the name (in reference to them), any more than they could sue you for mispronouncing it (e.g. “us feerst” :ahh: ). And of course, they wouldn’t want to, even if they could.

As for the logo, that’s a different matter. In that case, since the pictorial representation of the acronym FIRST is part of the logo, you must reproduce it faithfully, or risk a letter from their lawyer. If IndianaFIRST incorporates any part of the real FIRST logo, or uses a similar design, they should ask FIRST for permission, in order to ensure that no dilution of their branding takes place. Calling themselves IndianaFIRST, or having that name appear on a logo (without using any part of the real FIRST logo) is completely legal.

Now, depending on how you read the competition rules, it’s conceivable that a team might be bound to follow a slightly stricter set of rules, during the period for which section 1.13 of the 2005 rules applies. By participating in the competition, they implicitly agree to abide by the rules, which offer the following guidelines:
**Unmodified: **Use the FIRST logo without modification. This means that you

will use our name and the triangle, circle and square as you see it

on our website or letterhead. You can use it in red, blue, and

white, or in black and white. Refer to the FIRST logo standards

for additional details including placement, size, and color

specifications and incorrect logo usage.

IndianaFIRST is not a team; while it would be courteous of them to follow the same standards, the rules do not apply to them in any way. For them, it’s simply a matter of trademark law (hence, the potential for a letter from the lawyer).

The fact that so many teams misused the old logo is part of the reason why FIRST had to come up with a new logo.

In the past FIRST let it go, but now that FIRST VEX systems are being sold in RadioShack the organization is required to protect their new logo, and the name ‘FIRST’.

In light of this, Indian FIRST has a problem now. If they are officially part of the FIRST organization, they could (should) use the offical FIRST logo, as defined by FIRST.

if they are not officially part of FIRST, then its probabally time to come up with a new name for the group.

You can imagine how much grief I would catch if I decided to start an organization and call it “NY MicroSoft” and use a variation of the Microsoft logo in my publications!

Im afraid Indiania FIRST is now in the same position.

Just a reminder to everyone that there are still a few more days to get your submissions for the contest in!

Dont be afraid! If you think you have a cool idea, put it down in photoshop and submit it!

ok, let me beat everyone to it and say my photoshop skills are dismal

but heres a basic sort of idea I had in mind