Indianapolis 500

Well, it’s that time of year again. Anyone interested in the IRL? It looks like Scott Sharp is a good bet for the pole again this Saturday (yey).

Anyone else going to the “greatest spectacle in racing”?

i don’t think i’m going to go to the race :mad: i’ve never been. but i am going to go to carb day on thrusday may 23 :smiley: i’m going to try to get into the Delphi pit and see al jr. and scott sharp. after that i’m going to go see Better Than Ezra and Nine Days take the Pepsi Stage in the plaza behind the Bombardier Pagoda :smiley: hopefully it won’t be raining like it has been EVERY day this week

I was watching a Cart race a while ago…I noticed a Delphi car…thought that was kinda neat…lol

As for Nascar…GO PEPSI CAR!!! (I think its the 24)

CART does not have a Delphi team

Nascar isn’t really intresting to watch for me… they go in circles… and thats it… a crash now and then… but i don’t like those cause people gotta get hurt for it to happen. NHL is more my style… and the occassional snowboarding when its on TV… which should be more often…

eww…i hate NAASCAR…i think its the worst…how can u watch cars go in circles…its soo boring

i guess it’s in my blood. being from Indy, i have always been a big race fan. Dale Earnhardt was my favorite now it’s Dale Jr. in Winston Cup. i’m a big Kelly Racing (Scott Sharp & Al Jr.) and Panther Racing (Sam Hornish) fan. :cool: :smiley:

Best Comparasion ive heard:

Nascar is like the redneck version of racing

IRL/Cart/Formula 1 is the “Proper” version of racing…

Im not a big racing fan, i like the IRL and i wish someday i could drive in the Indy 500, but like Quain said, the NHL is more of me…

You guys are confusing the crowd. The Indy 500 is an IRL race.
It used to be CART, but then Tony G started a new league. Never been the same.

The Brickyard is a NASCAR race, in August. These are cars that look almost like something you can drive on the street.

The Formula 1 race is in, surprise, F-1 cars. They drive the wrong way around the track.

3 different races, 3 different crowds, and still way better than hockey!

3 different races, 3 different crowds, and still way better than hockey!

AMEN Chris!!!

they look different, but its all the same

drive in circles for 400 to 500 miles going 180MPH+

I’m not going to be one to say I know all the intricacies about racing, but since hockey was brought up, I have to put in my two cents. Racing is cool. I like cars, I like speed. Boom, there ya go. I can’t stand watching it though. I’ll watch the Indy 500 and Daytona, but more because it’s a habit and it’s one of the few times that the sport gets complete national coverage. For those few races, the sport permeates everything else, just like people who don’t necessarily watch football watch the Super Bowl.

When I watch sports, I want a little more action than the occasional crash. Hockey gives me that, and I’ll gladly watch that over a race anyday. Except for Indy. heh.

Indy hasn’t been significant in years! You thank Tony George for that!:mad:

nascar i not a redneck sport. nascar takes talent to do unlike the other racing cars.

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**3 different races, 3 different crowds, and still way better than hockey! **


Nothing is better than hockey.


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Nothing is better than hockey. **

hockey is good stuff…or as some like to refer to it as hackey…lol

why does everyone say there is no action in nascar? you try driving a 3400 pound car with 700+ horse power at 190 mph with another car inches ahead of you, a car inches behind you, and a car that you can reach out and touch right next to you. and they say that the only action is the “occasional crash” i’m not a big fan of cart or f-1, because it dosen’t take much skill to drive them. they are so light and have so much down force. NASCAR takes skill. personally i think everyother sport boring.

I think that open-wheel racing at 220+ MPH is more exciting than 160+ MPH closed wheel racing. I like NASCAR, but in NASCAR if you hit someone it’s not as big of deal as it is in IRL/CART/F1.

I’m sure all forms of professional auto racing take lots of skill, and I think that winning the Indy 500 takes more skill than the “average” race car driver.

In the end though, any form of racing is cool to me.

Also, for those of you attending the race with scanners/ham radios:

One thing that I also like a lot more about Cart/F1 is the race courses themselves…

NASCAR every track pretty much is an oval of some sort. As much fun as it is watching cars drive around in a big circle weekend after weekend I would rather watch an Indy car drive down streets - its more interesting (and i would argue takes MORE skill than driving in a circle…and it’s not like indy car’s dont get close to each other either).

All in all, Hockey is better. :slight_smile: