Inducing drag to help turn

Has anyone thought of using drag to increase friction? I know that in college my field of study tells us to reduce drag to decrease friction and thus make flight easier, however I figure you could also assume the opposite. If there was a way to rotate wheels to a degree past 45 off the center shouldn’t that give you increase drag, maybe it slows down your motion but should enable the ability to turn in one a lot tighter of a circle, and two a lot better. The only warning I have about doing this, you WILL NOT be able to turn on any regular friction surface, so don’t think about testing it on your regular ground you need the Lunacy mat to try it. If anyone has thought about this, or tries itr please let me know about the results I would love to know.

Interesting idea, but I don’t know if the speeds that the robot will be traveling will be sufficient to make enough drag force.

That was the only thing I wasn’t really sure about, I guess that comes down to more about how your transmissions are built and what speed they can achieve and in what distance.