Inductive Sensor E2E-X7D1-M1GJ 2158

Hi Everyone, I’m having trouble making the Inductive Sensor work, it doesn’t have a LED indicator so its dificult to tell if its working or not, also making dificult to tell if the problem is in the program in labview or if its just the wiring that is wrong.
I wired the sensor in the power distribution 12V exit and the Signal in the Analog Input 3.

I think that is an Omron 2-wire proximity switch. I doubt wiring it to an analog input will do anything but put 12v to the input. You might get it to work if you wire it to gnd through a resistor or two. This link talks about wiring that type of sensor to an arduino: Something similiar should work. Using a DIO pin instead of an analog pin is probably more appropriate.

The are lots of posts here about wiring 3-wire NPN proximity switches to DIO pins.

The DIs are 3.3V /5V compatible v. Your sensor is digital not analog. Best I can tell it will not work with the RobRIO.

Without adding other components, you are looking for a sensor the sinks to input to 0V. Without anything connected to it the input is pull up to 3.3 V.