Inexpensive hobby tools for Romi kits?

As I have posted (probably too much, sorry about that) before, our team has some Romi kits and are handing them to team members to work on at home. this is going well thus far.

We have been working on robots students can bring home for awhile. In some of the inferior kits we worked with in the past, they have included some small inexpensive tools for putting the kit together.

We have purchased some extra hardware so the students can add vex parts to the kit (#2 and #4 nuts and machine screws).

My question is, does anyone know of a source to buy those little inexpensive (practically disposable) wrenches and screw drivers that come with some of those kits?

The one I like the best is the wrench that comes with this kit

But, any one would do. I think we would need a screwdriver, a 3/16" wrench, and a 1/4" wrench.

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Aliexpress sells very cheap mini-tools like the ones you’re looking for. Only metric wrenches though.


Thanks. That is close anyway. I will start there.

Edit: I thought the wrench sizes I posted sounded large. They may be. I will have to look up the sizes. The nuts are #2-56 and #4-40.

I know Traxxas offers a 4-way wrench like that, but it’s metric. On screwdrivers, this Sparkfun one is okay for a buck.

I’m curious what “inferior” robot kits you’ve worked with, so I can steer clear of them.

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I’d check out harbor freight. Couldn’t find too much on their website for single wrenches but I seem to remember that in person you could buy single wrenches for cheap at my local one.

Here’s a link to a screwdriver they have to show a rough price although you may want to go in person with one of the screws to see which size fits best.


TBH at this point everything is feeling a bit inferior to the Romi save for the VMX-Pi and possibly the Freenove kits.

Specifically though, I am talking about the following.
And the pi-car itself.

We have a love/hate relationship with this one. We run it with the vmx-pi. It is a wonderful setup, but we had to send two kits back due to faulty motors and/or encoders. You need a PDP and motor controllers for the setup too, but either the new PDP from Andymark or a marine one works well with vex motor controllers. Or, go with a Titan and have a pretty clean mini FRC bot.

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I’m curious in hearing more about your experiences with all of these, if you are willing to share. Feel free to PM me, or we can do a new thread. Also, what is a Titan?

I would assume he is referring to the relatively new quad motor controller from Studica called Titan. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the VMX controller sold by Studica as well.

When I get a chance, I will do that, perhaps I will start another thread in case someone comes looking.

@cad321, that is what I was referring to. I think they went up in price a bit, but they make an incredible addition to the VMX-pi. If they were tournament legal, I would say the purchase is a no-brainer (obviously they are only for brushed motors though).

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