[INF] INsight: 2019 Indiana State Championships Discussion

Indiana has gone almost exclusively full Null so far. Will they opt for more game pieces on the field and scoring options? So far, most teams seem to be much more comfortable handling Cargo than Hatch Panels, and they’ve appreciated the easy goals along the Cargo Ship early in the matches.

One thing I’m interested to see is where on the cargo ship teams start switching out null hatches for cargo if they do it. In my mind, the question becomes whether you go for the easier close bay, or go for the bay closest to the center line to try and avoid the defense that can come with trying to place that hatch mid-match. That center bay is very easily defended, so not having that possibility of interference could help streamline placement. Then again, you could also try and place the center-side rocket hatch for the exact same reason. Any way it goes, I think that we may see lots of robots starting to migrate closer and closer to the center line during sandstorm to try and avoid that defense, and perhaps a few G4 penalties coming along with them.

TSIMFD writes… “I somehow find the idea of a 7457 1720 1646 alliance very entertaining.”

I like this idea very much! Make it happen!

lol no offense against 7457 or 1646 but if this alliance happens, someone really messed up with scouting.


One thing I’m interested to see is where on the cargo ship teams start switching out null hatches for cargo if they do it.

We’ve been practicing coming off level 2 and placing a hatch on the side middle cargo bay. To us that’s the most valuable sandstorm for someone that comes off of level 2 and we hope a few others have been practicing this too. If your alliance starts with 3/8 cargo bays already filled with cargo, you can spend time focusing on other spots.

Well, we mostly abandoned our auto routines for SS driving so that we could do more consistent HAB2 starts with the flexibility to score where it would most benefit our alliance.

I meant in a quals match. Maybe against another all lvl 1 alliance (2867, 7502, 3559?)

I meant in a quals match. Maybe against another all lvl 1 alliance (2867, 7502, 3559?)

Oh yeah, that’d be so much fun. We’re going to have multiple “all 3 bots have level 3 climbs” matches this weekend, so that will be fun seeing who draws the short straw…

edit: Pretty sure 2867 can do mid-level rocket. They have an elevator, unless they nerfed it.

Didnt 1741 have a hab3 and cargo mech at week 1? It seems like they had a bit of a midseason redesign. Apologies for being a fanboy

We can do all three levels of rocket. We just get put on spamming the cargo ship frequently, and then start messing with the rocket when we have run out of places to put cargo.

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We can do all three levels of rocket.


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Oof. Quick whats another lvl 1 bot? Also you guys are doing fantastic this year!

2197, 3494, 3947, 7454, 7617

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Hey! That could be a winning alliance :wink: . You’re probably right though about somebody messing up scouting.

Here’s how that alliance wins it all. One plays defense, the others fill up all the cargo and all low rockets. 15 pts sandstorm bonus + 21 points hab. Even with 6 nulls, that’s (I believe) 84 points for the good guys. Can another alliance top that with a defender bothering them the whole time? Can they fill up all the cargo and low rockets while defense is played on them? Who knows, but seems in the realm of possibility.

It’s a little easier to defend a robot scoring high.


I have a friend on 1741 and they did redesign a few things between the St. Joe and CG events. They redesigned their climber to only go up to HAB 2 (they said they had issues with timing their climb) as well as changing the design of their hatch panel intake. They used to have velcro but switched to a small bar that would go in the center of the panel and flip up to hold it in place. I personally don’t remember them ever doing anything with cargo at either event so either they don’t have anything for that or they do and they’re waiting for the right moment to show it off. I’m excited to see how they do at state. I know they’ve had a rough season so it’s awesome to see them finally break their “finalist without a win streak” win a blue banner and make it to state.


Ahhhhh okay. Wonder if theyll put it back on…

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3559 can do hatches on all three rocket levels we actually did a rocket RP with 5010 at center grove

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Yeah I kinda oofed up that alliance

The quals alliance gods have truly shined down upon this event

Not sure if this will apply to IN, but …

In FiM, teams qualified for DCMP mostly by playing offense. Many of the defense oriented teams we saw at district events are not at States. I think that explains the preponderance of offense-only qual matches that we saw yesterday on Dow*, and I expect the defense to pick up this morning. There was a bit more defense on DTE, where more teams came in with targets on their backs.

*fifteen Unicorns in the first 26 matches. Two 6RP matches.

Most of the defensive teams down here made it to dcmp I believe