[INF] INsight: 2019 Indiana State Championships Discussion

We got an all lvl 1 alliance

There are certainly teams that played situational defense during the qual season, but all the teams at DCMP have proven their worth in offense.

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Yeah I thought of that as soon as I said it

Here most that made it to State, or the DCMP, by playing lots of offense, but there were teams such as 5188, 3559, and 3494 who played a decent amount of defense. These teams all have strong scoring capabilities, but their defense was crucial to their success. 3494 shutdown teams at Tippy and captained the 5th seeded alliance at CG.

1741, 1018, and 6498 played lots of defense as well during quals and playoffs.

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In addition to what others have said, the biggest difference between FIM and IN concerning DCMP is the number of teams in attendance. MSC has less than 1/3rd of teams in district attending, so captains and first picks are probably even more represented there. Our modest 32-team DCMP in prior years has been 3/5ths of our teams, this year is closer to 1/2. As a result, the threshold for entry is lower then FIM, so were we to have any defense specialists, it would be easier for them to get into our DCMP, even if they were later picks at both district events.

3 Low bots and a defense bot in the top ten after the first day, definitely shaping up to be a very interested alliance selection.

Fun Fact, if those three teams were to fill all the lower levels, with 7457 climbing hab 3 and 1720 getting hab 2, that can net 84 points, which is less than 2 points under the average winning elims score of 85.81. That doesn’t include removing any lower null hatch panels. Would have been really interesting to see a quals match with that combo.


Where were they (868) compared to Robonauts’ design? Can’t argue with their success, and I haven’t taken a close look at the bot. Just curious.

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