Infamous Moments in IRI Talent Show History

If you have video footage of any of the outstanding, cringe-inducing, or just plain disgusting IRI Talent Show acts from the past three years (who has video of the 2004 winners drinking their own teammates’ toothbrushing remnants out of a glass?), post the links here.

Of course, there’s

1114 Mangles “Annie”, 2006

and now for your viewing torture, there’s

48’s “Top Gun” Spoof, 2004 (Mercifully edited down from original length)

For all those who missed the acts or would like to relive them one more time, let’s dig through the archives, post them online, and see the links posted here.

The top gun spoof is awesome haha

Just want to keep these all in one thread. Please post them here going forward!

1094’s 2006 Entry:

The Top Gun spoof was soo funny, is there a full version anywhere? :smiley:

Uh the full version’s additional footage primarily consists of the crowd telling me to use the microphone more and a bunch of expository junk that was totally unnecessary - definitely not worth viewing!

Just know that the robot was named “Amanda” after a certain IRI birthday girl.

WHERES THE FISH!!! :rolleyes:

come on, someone has to have a video of 980’s “water conservation” act from 2004!

DSK’s world debut at the 2004 IRI Talent Show (linked from band website):

Main Act:

Encore Performance:

Yes, the first year of the IRI Talent Show, DSK was kinda sorta a talent show act.

I think the Californians and the toothpaste in 2004 was the best ever

is there anywhere i can find all of this year’s acts? preferably footage of Wildstang’s ska rendition of Come on Eileen?

WAIT…Ska act?
I feel Visual Basic coding is neccessary to descirbe my thoughts…

IF WildstangIsAwesome = True and SkaIsAwesome
End IF

I was able to get audio recordings for some of the acts (unfortunately, we ran out of disk space and missed a few at the end…luckilly 1114 was one of them :stuck_out_tongue: ) I am working on getting the mp3s posted within the week.

You can find a zip file of most of the talent show performances here (audio only):

It’s approx 36MB.

I found the 1114 act extremely entertaining. (nose extends slightly)

Simbotics should sing at all FIRST events. (nose elongates noticeably)

Karthik sure has a fine singing voice. (nose now reminiscent of Pinocchio)

I could have listened to several encores. (nose smashes into screen)

:smiley: oh taggart…

Does anyone have some photos of 1094’s unicycle/catfish act?
The next day, there was a girl dressed up in a shark mask. I’d also like some pictures if anyone has them. She had on a white shirt, but I don’t know what team. She came to our section wearing the shark mask. Our “mascot” saw her. His eyes got big, he put on the catfish head, and as soon as he did, she said “run fish boy, run”, and they both took off. The next time I saw them, they were playing their game boys.

“Shark Girl” was the little sister of a Team 116 team member. I don’t beleive we have any IRI photos posted yet, but I’m willing to bet that we will have pictures of your talent show, “fish boy”, and “shark girl” when we do.

Where is the Awwwwww crew when you need them! “Fish boy”, and “Shark girl,” a match made at IRI! :slight_smile:

DSK 2004:
DSK 2006: