INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Discussion

I didn’t see discussion about this started yet, but what does everyone think of the At Home challenges?


Loving the autonomous challenges. Should be a fun programming challenge for teams who have access to their robots.


It would be practically impossible to do the auto challenges without the trajectory capabilities we have now.


The way they have chosen to group teams for events/awards is interesting, I would of expected it to be more location specific instead of random.

Little disappointed how many Skills challenges are solely about shooting points scored. As a low-goal bot at events, we could be helpful by just massive throughput to reach capacity. But all of the At Home version seems to all use points scored rather than capacity. You think they could’ve done both :frowning:. What’s a low bot with potentially very minimal access/resources this year to do? Ah well.


Obstacle courses?

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I like the other driving/auto Skills Challenges; they look pretty cool. I meant overall, we don’t know if we’re going to try to build a shooter or just stick it out and concentrate on other stuff.

I know if I had built a low goal (or only climbing) bot last season and had been told “give us $2k, you can even use the same robot” and then saw the at home challenges, I would be very unhappy right now.


Rebuild and make a shooter

We focused on climb, and we have a somewhat good shooter, but no intake method. There’s not much we can really do at this point besides driving.


After reading through the challenges I see nothing about climbing. Is there any other use to keeping a climber on our robot then for this year?


Cross your fingers and hope for in-person comps.


No, there is not for the skills challenges.

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You can shoot, you don’t need an intake method. Shooting and the obstacle courses.

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Most of those shooting challenges require reloading mid-challenge. I really don’t think the judges are going to like seeing us reaching in to stuff power cells into the robot.

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Not going to get into design, but you don’t need to do that either with an open area to “drop” them in

We could. But, if we were going to put an open area to drop the cells in, we would probably be redesigning our whole hopper system anyway. Point is, the way our current robot is sitting in the workshop, it’s not good for much except three preload PCs and the obstacle courses. I’m not speaking for any other team, but in my analysis of my team’s robot, it would need work to be competitive in a shooting challenge.

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On the note of no climbing or color wheel. Any thoughts to how judges will react to robots that don’t perform either task?

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How do the 2 shooting challenges work without having access to field elements?

Tape the target in the right place on the wall. Open fire. Or build a panel with a hole in it, open fire. Track where the hits are.

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