Infinite Recharge at Home Global Leaderboard

Over the past few days, I have been working on a global leaderboard for the Infinite Recharge at Home challenges and thought I should share it here for others to use. The leaderboard is populated with all submitted scores, and then this data is used to calculate a team’s global ranking with the same algorithm used to calculate a group ranking. The leaderboard also lets you sort by rank or challenge score, see the daily change in a team’s rank, and link to a youtube video of submitted scores if one is posted. The scores are updated daily at 12 PM EST.

Here’s the link

It’s a little bit janky on mobile but works fine on desktop. I’ll try to improve it over the next few days. If your team has a youtube video for your submitted score that’s not already linked send it to me and I’ll add it to the leaderboard!


This is wicked. I love the accessibility of it, and the ability to see all the videos in one place. Keep it up!


This is awesome! Good to see someone put something more usable together.

I do seem to have found a bug with your filtering though. It seems like it filters by page, not by the entire data set. Easiest way to see this is to sort by Hyperdrive. Page 1 has a high score of 48.5 but page 2 has a high score of 41.5 (the global high score).

Still, awesome work!

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Yeah, this is a side effect of each page only pulling 50 teams based on their rank instead of the entire database, which I assumed would get quite costly once 1000+ teams submit scores. I’ll try changing it so that when the leaderboard is filtered it pulls new teams based on their challenge score soon. Thanks for the feedback!

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Did you find a working API endpoint to pull from for this? Or is it still just the computed scores?


No it’s still just scraping the data from each event page and ignoring any raw scores that don’t have a computed score associated with them.


How strange that only 109 teams are listed. Is the participation rate really that low, or am I missing something simple?

I think a lot of teams are waiting until they have score they’re satisfied with before putting them into the system. Also some teams are still working on new robots/robot upgrades before attempting some of these. I think the participation rate will skyrocket on the due date.


Yes, It is interesting. In our group (Antimony) only 2 teams have posted any scores. We are still working through the challenges, but believe that we have a handle on them and will be done and ready to submit before the deadline.
Other teams are probably still working as well. When there used to be a stop build date teams would always work until the last possible minute. Someone wise once told me that any project would expand to fill the time given. I think that that may be the case here for most/many teams. The other possibility is that some teams may be holding back results.
Not really sure, but it is a bit scary that less than 10 percent of teams have posted any results. It’s hard to predict how the trends on the leaderboard will evolve and if any of the current high scores will hold up (Other than the Accuracy Challenge)
I guess that it will be an exciting last few days as the board fills up with data.

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Everything should be sorting correctly now. There won’t be any daily change shown today since I had to change the back-end a bit but it should be back to normal when it updates tomorrow. Let me know if you find any other issues.


Awesome job, this is great!

Is there any way the text could be rendered on the page instead of drawn so CTRL+F will work for people to search for teams?


I’m not sure if there is anything I can do about using CTRL + F but I’ll look into it. I will probably just add a search function instead so it will work across pages.

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There isn’t a compelling reason to post data this early. It begins to get compelling closer to the deadline when history suggests that the submission system will bog down, especially with all the videos that are going to be uploading and processing. However, history also suggests that FIRST will grant an extension if the system is preventing timely submissions.

Reasons for few early posts:

  • Teams have yet to complete challenges to a level that they feel good about posting
  • Teams would rather post all their data in one batch and trip to the submission portal rather than post data piecemeal or post multiple times as they achieve better results over time
  • Teams do not want to provide information to competitors while competitors have time to use that infomation for their own improvement (why do robot reveals happen the day after bag day or more recently just a few days before the first event or even after?)

A few teams are probably posting data or videos early as a service to the community, similar to what has been happening with the handful of teams producing open build blogs.

Some teams may also be posting videos (so why not post data as well) as a way to encourage feedback that might point out problems with the way they conducted the challenge or the way they filmed it that could cause invalidation of their scores.


Can you say more about how the videos get linked, and what teams can do to get their videos linked when they submit? Do we need to tag or name it some specific thing on YouTube, or will you have a submission form, or do we just need to message it to you?

It is nice to have videos, and I’d have rather FIRST had teams provide links and then had those for scoreboards like this that went to the submission videos.

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This is a great resource Michael, thanks for doing this for the community. My one suggestion would be maybe adding the team group next to their team number so we could easily sort by groups?



I just made a submission form you can submit your links with:

They are added to the leaderboard manually so the submitted links wont show up there until I check the submissions.


I’m working on a search bar to search for a specific team’s scores so I will make this search work with group codes as well to pull all scores from a certain group. Thanks for the suggestion!


Search bar added! Searching by team number works right now and searching by group code should work after the scores update.

Group code means the event code for your group (prefixed with “IRH”).

For example, searching “IRHS” will bring up all scores from the Sulfur group.


Do you plan to add ranking for each individual challenge?


Thanks for putting this together! Hoping this will encourage more teams to post their scores. It has really helped push us to get the most we can out of our robot.