Infinite Recharge at Home - Power Port Safety Precaution

Hi everyone!
Our team has been working on the Infinite Recharge at Home Challenges and have had to modify our field slightly. Please secure the power port as best as possible so that it is sturdy and can take a hit, especially for teams out there using a standalone power port for the challenges.
We were testing our robot one day and since our power port was not secured from falling forwards when the robot rammed the power port it toppled down. Luckily there were no injuries for us but please take the extra precaution to secure the power port. I suggest adding 2 x 4s and metal brackets to a fixed wall or surface if possible and reinforce the power port by adding more support 2 by 4s because the original design is relatively wobbly as is.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all teams!


We had a similar thing happen last year. A team was practicing on our field and slammed into the power port (it was an intentional move as they would shoot while touching the power port). The power port came down on their robot. Their robot was not damaged, but there were a few punctures in the OSB wood siding on the power port. Those punctures are still there today.

Following the incident, we actually used Tapcon screws to secure the power port to the floor. The facility were were using at the time did not mind us drilling into the concrete floor under the carpet so we secured most of the field elements that way after this incident.

We were unfortunately not able to stay in that facility as the sponsor needed the space back, so we are borrowing a new space for the at-home challenges this year. We will not be able to screw the power port to the floor or secure it to the walls. But we should be able to add some sort of bracing to prevent it from toppling over if a team were to ram it.