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After submitting some of our challenge times and mp4 videos, both times and videos were saved successfully; however, when I clicked on the “Preview” button, all the submitted videos have the same display of error message "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Is anyone else seeing this message when clicking on the “Preview” button to go into the Preview mode? Is anyone seeing a normal video, not the error message, in the Preview mode? Thanks in advance.


Update: I converted my mp4 video files to wmv and reuploaded them. They now show up in preview fine. Bottom line, after uploading your file, if it does not play natively embedded in the web page, then you may get the above error. If so, try another file format and that may resolve the problem.

Adding our experience.

This is what a successfully uploaded, but not viewable video looks like in the “Edit entry” tab of the submission portal. In this example the video is an H.264 MP4.

In contrast, this is what a viewable video looks like. Clicking the video will pop out a preview box and you can play the video in the browser. This example is a H.265 MP4.



Thanks for posting the solution. H.264 MP4 was the codec that I was using which apparently is not recognized by the site’s software. The interesting thing is that it did not show any error after the upload which is very misleading. I only discovered the error when I did a Preview of the submission where the error was shown.

To all mentors, when uploading your video files, make sure to check that the submission shows a picture of the video and when clicked, it will launch a video viewer to play the video. Otherwise, your video may not be valid.

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