Infinite Recharge Bottom Power Port Tracking

I was wondering how teams are going to locate the bottom power port in autonomous. Is it possible to use a limelight to see the red or blue outline?


It is possible to track the lower port, but l am not sure how easy it will be. Limelight can track any color you want, but thresholding is more challenging on non reflective surfaces.

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You mean using TensorFlow with a regular camera?

It is possible with a limelight, but a limelight is generally more for identifying retro-reflective tape targets.

It would be easier to use a custom pipeline with a regular camera. With the new WPILib release, you can implement machine learning to recognize different targets based on a model trained by a dataset.

I think the obvious choice is to just track the upper power port vision target and just use it to line up with the low goal.


Or just go simple and find an edge where you know where you are, use encoders and gyro to navigate to the goal. You can even use proximity sensor to get a better idea of where you start.

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