Infinite Recharge CD Edition: Week Two

Infinite Recharge CD Edition

Week Two

Welcome back to Week Two of Infinite Recharge: Chief Delphi Edition! This time, @erickline and @Mink will be running the event. We’ve made a few major changes to how the came is set up to help encourage unique teams and foster and more diverse competition. We encourage anyone to sign up, this is a LOW COMMITMENT game, giving everyone a chance to play Infinite Recharge.

How it works:

First, pick your team! You can sign up below with your team number.
Members of the team IRL will get first dibs

Second, build your team! In about a week when sign up’s close, everyone will be given a chance to build their team’s attributes using “skill points” similar to Fallout’s “Special.” You will have 29 points to distribute between the following 7 categories, with a base of one, and a max of 10. Every stat (excluding business) has a passive ability that will help your team though all of competition. In addition to this, starred skills will unlock new robot parts or auto’s for you to use later, at certain thresholds (more on that bellow). Here are the 7 stats with their listed passive/benefit:

Business: Increases the amount of money you have to build your robot. (No passive)

*Mechanical: Speed of recovery and robot repairs.

*Electrical: Reliability of systems.

*CAD: Robot efficiency.

*Programming: Auto success rate.

Driving: Driver capabilities, game knowledge.

Sales: Helps with getting awards.

Each category will have a default score of 1, with a maximum of 10. Each team will be given 29 total points. Before teams assign their skill points, a list of robot parts will be made available with rough indicators of how many points will be required for every part, with a 1, 2, or 3 rating to give an idea of how many skill points in the indicated skill it will take to buy said part. Each rating indicates the following number of skill points that will be need’ed.

1: 1-3

2: 4-6

3: 7-10

Each part will also cost money. Your base cash is 4000, increasing by 400 for every extra skill point invested into the business category.

After every team has decided how to distribute their skill points, a list of robot parts with exact skill requirements will be made available. If teams wish to change how they’ve distributed points after receiving the list of parts, they will be allowed to move 4 skill points, with no more than two subtracted or added in any one category.

Third, draft your mentors! Teams will now get to engage in a “draft”, in which they’ll be able to choose a Mentor who will provide bonuses to specific skill categories. Numbers for the draft will be randomly chosen once signups have concluded. As this is a #birdalliance hosted event, our mentors will consist of all Robototes mentors (with fake last names) and a few made up mentors to help protect identity.

Fourth, build your bot! Now, onto the robots! Once parts are distributed, teams will build their robot from a list of available parts. First, select a drive base. Drive bases range from super expensive swerve to the free KOP chassis. Next, buy subsystems like intake, indexer, and scorer. Buy a climb and choose your drivers and you’re done! You can also buy extras like Limelights and buddy climbs! Each part will have specific aspects that contribute to your robot, so make sure to choose carefully! There will be a limited amount of some items, but the stock has been increased from last week. Time to build will open for the same time for everyone, and will be made clear soon.

Drivetrain Details

Speed: Increasing this lowers the time full field sprints take

Power: Increases resistance to defense and/or ability to defend

Maneuverability: Quickens cycle time and ease of avoiding defense.

Durability: Those rendezvous point bumps are hard! Ramp this up to keep from unexpected damage.

Reliability: General wear and tear takes its toll.

Intake Details

Speed: Speed at which it can intake power cells

Anti-Jamming: How well it keeps balls from jamming in the indexer

Effectiveness: How well it keeps Power Cells from rolling under the bot, and how well it intakes at strange angles.

Durability: Driving over power cells and hitting other bots can cause severe damage.

Reliability: Make sure you can pick up Power Cells

Scoring Details

High goal:
Accuracy: Higher accuracy means higher percentage of Upper and Inner Goal shots
Range: Shorter cycles if you can shoot farther
Speed: How fast can you unload?
Reliability: Make sure it doesn’t break.

Low goal:
Speed: How fast can you unload
Reliability: I think you get what reliability is by now.

Reliability: Make index be no broken
Anti-Jamming: If you jam you can’t score
Trench Capable: Trench run height lets you run faster cycles and submit your bot to less wear.

Climb Details

Climb Speed: How much time does it take?

Reliability: Breaking robots is not good

Note: Elevator climb required for buddy climb.


The competition will closely resemble actual FRC competitions. We’re aiming to complete two matches a day, with one in the morning and one in the evening, but this may not always happen if we have scheduling conflicts.

  1. Rankings will be the same as normal competitions. 2 RP for winning, 1 for tying, and 0 for losing. Two additional ranking points are available by using Position Control, and/or getting 65 climbing points.

  2. Points will largely also be the same as FRC Infinite Recharge. Please consult 2020 game rules for scoring. The only caveat to this will be that we will likely be incrementally increasing the necessary PC’s to use the color wheel during competition.

  3. Each team will get six matches. Prior to the match, you will talk to your alliance in a PM, and discuss strategy. After discussing, each alliance will submit a list of alliance priorities, and each team will submit a list of individual priorities.

  4. For the match, the moderators will simulate the match. It will be split into four sections. Autonomous, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, and Endgame.

The moderators will simulate the match according to the robots ability, strategy, and chance.

We’ve added another feature to match play: Parts breaking. If a part of your robot breaks during a match, you have until the next match to fix it. With a higher Mechanical score, you have a better chance of fixing your part. If the part is not fixed for the next match, that parts capabilities will be reduced during play. You can also use any money you have left over to instantly fix a part, with price depending on the specific part.

Final Notes:

Signups will be open for one week- after that we’ll get started with the mentor draft and skill point assignment.

As teams signup, PM’s will be opened to allow players to start building their teams, and will also be used to build robots.

If you have any questions, please reply!


  1. Squirrel2412 and Mika1820: 2411
  2. Typeusernamehere: 2767
  3. Max2370: 2370
  4. Quin: 6378
  5. Happycowdance: 420
  6. Mr.Mascot: 3673
  7. clonedcheese: 254
  8. thomas_the_choo: 3674
  9. Kaitlynmm569: 69
  10. JKBear331: 2619
  11. Karaoke: 4272
  12. UnofficialForth: 1646
  13. Deadbananas: 3635


Requesting 2411

Somebody else can get 2412


/signup 2767

Yeah I know it’s not 1114 but the number looks cooler


/signup 2370

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Will there be CAD, electrical, or programming requirements for obtaining any mechanisms?

CAD and Electrical yes, Programming will be used for determining auto capabilities (for example, you’d need a really high programming score if you want to pull off a ten power cell auto)

Ok, cool thanks.

/Signup 6378

(Hopefully I do not get last this time point wise)

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Adding to this, you’ll need auto to buy auto routes

/signup 420 :smiley:


/signup 3673

The changes sound really cool. Cant wait to see how it turns out.

/signup 254

go go go!

/signup 3674

/signup 69


/signup 8085

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Do we start with $4000 or $4400, since we already have 1 skill point invested into business?

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/signup 22
If only this team was 22 Jump Street :sunglasses:

you’ll start with $4000- I’ll edit the original post in a moment :slight_smile:

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Are you still allowing hydras?

I dont see why not