Infinite Recharge CD Edition!

Due to the postponement of the 2020 Infinite Recharge Season, we would like to offer Infinite Recharge: CD Edition

You are your team. You can choose your team name and number, but if someone from that team wants that number, they will get it.

These cannot be changed later. After the robot is created, we have the competition! You can view the rules below. Please send tips and criticisms. Have fun, and stay GP.

You will be given $6,500 to put towards your bot. Attached is a list of products and abilities that you can buy. First, select a drive base. Drive bases range from super expensive swerve to the free KOP chassis. Next, buy subsystems like intake, indexer, and scorer. Buy a climb and choose your drivers and you’re done! You can also buy extras like Limelights and buddy climbs!

PM me with your bot. Put your team number in the header

Note: Things may go out of stock. Buy fast!

Drivetrain Details

Speed: Increasing this lowers the time full field sprints take
Power: Increases resistance to defense and/or ability to defend
Maneuverability: Quickens cycle time and ease of avoiding defense.
Durability: Those rendezvous point bumps are hard! Ramp this up to keep from unexpected damage.
Reliability: General wear and tear takes its toll.

Speed: Higher speed = better cycle time and scoring
Rule knowledge: Decreases chance of penalties while playing defense.

Intake Details

Speed: Speed at which it can intake power cells
Anti-Jamming: How well it keeps balls from jamming in the indexer
Effectiveness: How well it keeps Power Cells from rolling under the bot, and how well it intakes at strange angles.
Durability: Driving over power cells and hitting other bots can cause severe damage.
Reliability: Make sure you can pick up Power Cells

Scoring Details

High goal:
Accuracy: Higher accuracy means higher percentage of Upper and Inner Goal shots
Range: Shorter cycles if you can shoot farther
Speed: How fast can you unload?
Reliability: Make sure it doesn’t break.

Low goal:
Reliability: I think you get what reliability is by now.

Reliability: Make index be no broken
Anti-Jamming: If you jam you can’t score
Trench Capable? Trench run height lets you run faster cycles and submit your bot to less wear.

Climb Details

Climb Speed: How much time does it take?
Reliability: Breaking robots is not good
Note: Elevator climb required for buddy climb.

The competition will closely resemble actual FRC competitions.

-Rankings will be the same as normal competitions. 2 RP for winning, 1 for tying, and 0 for losing. Two additional ranking points are available by using Position Control,
and/or getting 65 climbing points.

Points will also be the same as FRC Infinite Recharge. Please consult 2020 game rules for scoring.

Each team will get six matches. Prior to the match, you will talk to your alliance in a PM, and discuss strategy. After discussing, each alliance will submit a list of alliance priorities,
and each team will submit a list of individual priorities.

-Alliance Priorities:
Submit a detailed strategy for the match, including zones and targets.

-For the match, the moderators will simulate the match. It will be split into four sections. Auton, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, and Endgame.
The moderators will simulate the match according to the robots ability, strategy, and chance.

-Example Match
After the matches there will be playoffs. It will follow the same path as normal competitions, with two exceptions. There will be four alliances instead of the normal
eight, and alliance captains can invite other alliance captains. The alliance captians will submit a pick list, and each robot will be chosen according to the pick
list. If invited, you will automatically accept unless you are a captain, in which you get 15 minutes to decline.

-Example pick list:

Team 2
Team 8
Team 5
Team 7

Team 2
Team 3
Team 1
Team 9

-Playoffs will go 1st seed vs 4th seed. 2nd seed vs 3rd seed. Winners will go against each other, and winner gets a “virtual blue banner.”

-That’s it. It may sound complicated, but it could be very fun. We need at least twelve players to begin, so please enter on the poll below. If we get 24, we may hold 2 events.

  • I’ll play!
  • Backup!

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  1. TheFlash: 1319
  2. EricKline: 2412
  3. Squirrel2412 + hopelessdiamond2412: 2411
  4. ClonedCheese: 254
  5. NatsirtD: 92412
  6. Mink: 2413
  7. tmpoles: 326
  8. Happycowdance: 420
  9. Quin: 6378
  10. DesignerLoki
  11. Uberlyuber
  12. Max2370: 2370
  13. Deadbananas: 3635
  14. jkbear331: 2619
  15. Nate342: 342
  16. Pauls_game: 6331
  17. UnofficialForth: 1646
  18. Torrancd
  19. Kaitlynmm569: 5943
  20. snowmaninblack: 4561
  21. Ninja6785shinobi: 846


  1. Andrew-5678
  2. Thequackmaster
  3. Hpatel
    Signup by Sunday. Robots due Monday .


Playoff Information

Alliance Selection:
The top 5 ranked teams will select 3 team alliances.

Selection will run 1-5 for first round and 5-1 for the second round.

Captains will create first round picklists. Then there will be a period of time for first and second picks to create picklists. If no list is submitted the captain will pick the highest ranked robot.

Captains will also pre decide whether they will decline or accept each higher ranked captain. Other teams may not decline.

Matches and bracket:
The playoff format will be single elimination to allow for 5 alliances instead of 4. Each alliances rank will move up if they win. (Ex: 4 beats 2. 2 becomes 3, 4 becomes 2)

Match 1: 5 vs 4
Match 2: 4 vs 3
Match 3: 3 vs 2
Match 4: 2 vs 1

Alliance 5 Alliance 4 Alliance 3 Alliance 2 Alliance 1
6331 2413 1646 420 254
2370 2412 2619 92412 5943
3635 2411 1319 6378 846

Parts: Robot Design Parts.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Signup for your team number below!

2412 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Team Flash

(not my team but fits well lol)


u have to sign up in the poll

Are we allowed to create 2+ person teams?

Not saying that anyone would join me in my alliance, but…


I choose 254, and will purposely be the worst bot on the field.

846 as backup if the poofs decide to join this game


@typeusernamehere can we get an example of a game simulation?



Take a look at the version for Destination Deep Space.



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@typeusernamehere are we allowed to have two people with separate accounts work together on the same robot and team?


do we just pm u with our list of parts/mechanisms?

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I’m in but on the condition that I can have a 6 wheel 6 falcon tank drive. Like why do I need an 8 wheel 6 falcon tank if I know I can make a 6 wheel 6 falcon tank

The cost for the 8 wheel is the falcons so buy the 8 wheel it’s essentially a 6 wheel