Infinite Recharge Extension Discussion - Live 7:45pm eastern w/ Greg Needel & Brando - Details

We’re adding an impromptu show tonight at 7:45pm eastern to discuss the impact and implications to teams, FUN and even suppliers of the decision to have Infinite Recharge played for the 2021 season. There’s a lot more to unpack in the announcement made at

FUN crew will be joined by REV CEO Greg Needel and FRC 125 mentor Brando Holley so come and let us know your thoughts in chat at


Can Greg provide any insights into whether or not the plan for switching to the new REV-based control system is going to move forward for the 2021 season or if that’s going to get further delayed?

edit: nevermind, it was scheduled for 2022.

The control system changeover was already scheduled for 2022.

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Umm what? No more roborio after 2021?

We’re about to start! Come join us and talk Infinite Recharge extending into 2020 and Beyond:

Here is the blog post

Thanks for that. I guess I missed it. All I can say is “great, Rev Robotics and their inappropriate use of jst connectors”.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in! If you didn’t get a chance to see this awesome discussion here are the segments:

Infinite Recharge Has Been Extended to 2021 -
Potential Changes to Infinite Recharge in 2021 -
Infinite Recharge Extension Impact to Suppliers:
How Seniors Are Impacted by Infinite Recharge Extension and Change to 2022 Control System -

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