Infinite Recharge Game Manual Test

A little late this year. I blame and thank the removal of Bag & Tag for a less stressful Build Season. yay. We are giving this to our team this weekend.

It includes separate sections:

  • The Game
  • Human Players
  • Technician
  • The Drive Team
  • The Robot

Make a copy and edit it to your hearts delight.
I tried to make most of the questions multiple choice.

Let me know:
If this method of sharing works.
If there are any errors or improvements that could be made.
If you would like an answer key. PM only. Please be a mentor.

Use the test not necessarily as a sieve, but as a tool to make sure that your team is well-versed on the Game Manual.

I think this game has great potential, but, watch out for those Tech Fouls…

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Why don’t you just give out the manual? You’re not doing anyone any favors by making it this complicated.

Of all the tests i’ve taken, you really went hardcore

Thanks for providing this, it’ll be great to have our drive team take!

I have the answer key available.

Mentors only.

Feedback on any errors is appreciated.

Awesome resource.

Could I get the answer key, please?

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Thank you.

I am only sharing this with mentors now.

Try making your own answer key.

You will be better for it.


He’s a collegiate/alumni mentor.


I’m a mentor for 5675, and would like the answer key, please. Thanks!

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