Infinite Recharge one-page rules cheatsheet

By popular demand (well, one team at least messaged me asking when I’d have my cheatsheet ready), here’s the one-page rules summary cheatsheet I’ve made. I primarily make this as a tool for helping myself study and engage with the rules, though I occasionally also use it at an event. Its primary focus is on the things that referees need to know (penalties and the manual aspects of scoring) though I’m sure others find it useful as well.

It uses a pretty small font in places in order to fit everything on one page, so if your eyesight isn’t perfect this may not be for you. (Sorry, I just find it really useful to put everything on one page.)

Feel free to adapt it and make it your own. (Actually, I recommend that people make their own cheatsheets in general, since the process of making and organizing the data is quite useful, kind of like taking your own notes in class rather than just downloading a teacher’s notes.) I hereby dedicate this document to the public domain. (Well, the parts of it that aren’t cut-and-pasted from the manual, I suppose.) I am posting the original which I made in LibreOffice Writer, and a PDF version. And do let me know if I got anything wrong, it’s all made manually and it’s certainly possible I missed something.

Updated as of Team Update 13:


Thank you!

Not in front of a computer right now but feel free to add it here All the INFINITE RECHARGE resources
Or remind me if I don’t do it tomorrow

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