Infinite Recharge, The Board Game

I’m happy to introduce a Board Game of the FRC 2020 game, Infinite Recharge. In this version of the game, Players can create their own Robots by choosing from multiple Traits between Mechanisms and specific Technical Skills such as programming and design.

With their Robots, players are able to play a 15-Turn match using certain Actions in combination with Dice to determine their robot’s performance. This game can be played either online (using Google Slides/Sheets), printed in-person (11x17 sheet), or in a hybrid environment.

Within my team, we are playing this game every other week throughout this coming season since we are meeting completely virtual until further notice. We’ve decided that this would be a fun way to break up the virtual season to keep morale up and give the students a fun social outlet in an FRC-like environment.

Check out all the attached items below for more details on how this game is played!
Board Game Folder: FRC 2020, The Board Game - Google Drive
Board Game Guide: Guide - 2020 Board Game [1.0.2] - Google Slides
Play Test Video: [coming soon]

Keep an eye out in the future. If there’s enough interest, I can figure out how a community tournament can be run with this board game.

This has only been play tested a handful of times and each time came with some small tweaks for balance or play efficiency. I expect to be making changes regularly to help improve the play.


Here is a video of a Play Test that occurred with some of my students this past week. It took a little over an hour for the match because it was everyone’s time playing, but I would expect future matches to last around 45 minutes. It’ll be fun to play this throughout the 2021 season with the team to see how strategies and robots evolve. Stay tuned for future posts on how this game expands throughout the season!

Play Test Video:

Red Alliance Robot Stats

Blue Alliance Robot Stats

Filled out Robot Build Sheets


That’s really cool! I would totally be interested in playing it, and seeing how gameplay there compares to gameplay on the field in-season.


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