Infinite Recharge - The Virtual Game

Studio VR and team 3117 (Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada) is proud to share with FIRST community its “Infinite Recharge Virtual Game”!!!

Look at YouTube trailer:

Download this game on itch:

FRC competitions are missing to you? They are now coming to you! Stay home, play to Infinite Recharge as much you want, become a champion and share your high scores with the FIRST community.

This virtual game is a faithful reproduction of the official FIRST game.

It can be played with a basic laptop, no need to have a high performant computer.

To additional realism, play in Virtual Reality as if you were there!

Take control of three different robots. Drive the famous Everybot, designed by team 118 Robonauts or drive the 3117 team’s robot in two different ways; with the classical “tank drive” mode or the increasingly popular Swerves mode.


I’ll be honest, when I first saw this thread, I thought, “Wow, they’re late to the party, another simulator?”. But after watching the trailer, I have to say you guys did a beautiful job. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the different quirky elements look very exciting. It has a unique twist that most sim haven’t provided yet. Super pumped to play around with this thing.

What did your write this game in?

Looks to be the unity engine, so probably C#.

We build this game with Unity (C# code).
Thanks for comments!

Will there be expansion for allowing imports of other robots and joystick controls? On the joystick specifically I find the current setup to not be to my liking, with no way to change it.

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Indeed, not possible to change joystick’s mapping unfortunaltely… per haps in few days, but it’s a lot job.
Thanks for comment.

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I was thinking, “oh, i’ll try this and then leave a comment with what I think about it.”
Cut to half an hour later, “Oh, i was supposed to just give this a try”

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Oh the graphics is great. Nice work!

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It will be fun to play it using VR, I would love to play this game since the lock down is still on-going.

Two things:
if you have steamvr installed, is there still a way to play the non-vr version?
is there a way to rebind the controls?

To play non-VR, a simple way is to deconnect your headset and restart the application.

To rebind controls… the application itself doesn’t include option to change this. But I know it exist software to rebond controller. The best option is probably reWASD, but it is not free (except with a free trial). I did a quick search and I found come alternative to reWASD, but I did not try:


Might be a long shot, but is there a version that’s compatible with MacOS?

There is not a Mac version for now. I will try to do it today and I will send you a message.


Hi gamers :smiley:

Consider change to “Competition Mode” if you want to publish an highscore.

Competition mode is a variant of an official FRC match, adapted to emphasis gamer skills and to be challenging. It does not include autonomous period and climbing is allowed only in the last 30 seconds. Physics hacks are also desactivated. Will you succeed to climb 3 robots in only 30 seconds?

To change game mode: Press “Esc” key and click on “Match Configuration” and change Mode to “Competition”:

When “Publish Menu” is open after a match, you can press “Left tab” key to change camera. Then, when you click Publish button, it takes the actual view as printsreen.

The actual highest score in competition mode is 140 pts!!!

Let’s compete!!!

Is there a way to change the autonomous or set it up for multiple bots to go at once?


No, it is not possible to change autonomous or to do autonomous on other robots… On our side (we are the programmers of this game), we did programme to easily program an autonomous, but you don’t have access to this once the game is published.

We would have liked to have done this function, but we were running out of time.


I did tutorial images for the most important actions.


First of all, this is amazing.

Is the source code published anywhere (github, etc.)?

Thanks for comment!!!

So sorry… No we cannot share the source code. It contains some commercial scripts from StudioVR and its partners.

If you are interested in this kind of simulations, consider learning the software Unity, it’s free, very powerful, simple to use and a very good sand box to learn programming.

Thank you for your interest!

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