Infinite solidworks separation distance?

Hi! I was working on solidworks and when I opened a file that previously had no problems, an error message popped up saying that there was infinite separation distance between two components. Has anyone ever seen this before, and how would you fix it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve never seen this error in almost 10 years of SolidWorks, but I would just delete the mate and replace it. If that doesn’t work you could potentially delete one component and replace it.

If you changed any of the components then that is a likely cause, but occasionally you just get weird rebuild errors.

I once had a rather irritating sheet metal part break for no apparent reason during a rebuild, I closed the part without saving and the problem persisted, so I just ended up remodeling the part.


Thank you so much!! It ended up working!

I’ve seen this twice in almost 12 years of Solidworks. Both times were in the last 2 years though…