Congratulations! You have been challenged to an infinite recharge solo run!
Last week we took a video of our robot trying to accomplish as many points as possible.

The rules of the challenge:

  • Field - Same as official game
  • Teams who can’t access a field with a full rendezvous - that has boundaries (cubic metal extrusion) on the field floor can play without the boundaries but are allowed to enter the rendezvous zone only during the endgame in order to climb.
  • Robot rules (size, weight, electronics, etc…) - Same as official game
  • Points scoring rules - Same as official game
  • Match time - same as official game - 15 sec autonomous followed by 135 sec Tele-Op
  • Power cells management rules:
    • At the beginning of the solo run, you have 10 power cells in your feeder station to use.
    • Robots may be preloaded with 3 power cells.
    • Usually in an Infinite Recharge match, you’d have 10 power cells on each side of the field. Not anymore!! In infinite solo, you are allowed to choose only 7 power cells, and place them on one side of the field (in selected 7 of the official game locations)
    • All power cells scored in autonomous must be returned to the field only from your feeder station (the far side from the scoring target) - teams that score more in auto will have to visit their feeder more
    • Every power cell scored may be returned to the field using only the feeder stations (both sides)
  • Game video must include at least one continuous shot

Good luck !!!
Here is a sneak peek of our video, stay tuned!
Orbit 1690


Please note- video submissions must be linked in this thread


I love that you guys are doing this! It’s really great to see people getting ready to compete again. (Where safe to do so)

Will you guys be hosting a half-field variant? While I believe we have the space to do close to a full field, I know many teams that don’t. Make it so they could use a minimum space of 10 x 10 and maximum of half a field. I think that would allow more teams to participate, which would definitely be more fun!

I think the venn diagram of teams that have sufficient space/resources to compete in INFINITE Solo, and the teams that are able to meet in such a capacity to make it possible is a very small number. I love the idea! I’m sure it will be somewhat similar to the official Infinite Recharge-at-home challenge that we’ll get on kickoff… but I feel like a scaled back version of this would definitely garner more participation.


Agreed with Ryan’s take. I would love to see a version of this designed for teams with partial fields, but I’m also guessing that will be pretty darn similar to Infinite Recharge @ Home.

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Hi folks!
Our INFINITE Solo video is ready…
Please feel free to share your robot doing some crazy stuff!


Wild stuff y’all, really excited and hopeful we get to see a lot of teams making videos like this over the course of 2021!


I just hope that we see better mask-wearing in future submissions.


That’s really smooth! - A great way to show off a swerve robot. Hopefully things will be safe enough before the end of 2021 for us to get back into the practice field to see if we can keep up.


1678 … looking forward to see your video