Inflatable bumpers

I shall go in the opposite direction


so we should try it?


They do.

However, specific material (usually assumed to be FOAM) is not, this time. At one time it was.

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Careful, you’re scoring in the yellow of “is this a troll”-o-meter.

No. Buy regular gosh darn pool noodles. Inflatable noodles will not work. At all.


You’d think FIRST’s GDC would have figured out not to use “sold as” rules by now, but two of the three main bumper constituents prove otherwise.

You know, that’s the ONE thing that made would have made this drivetrain even better.


You knew which link I was putting in before you clicked it.


are you sure this drivetrain would work? i do not see how the wheel layout would allow the robot to drive


You have to read the linked thread a little bit. And follow a few of the other times it’s been linked.

@EricH I think the whoosh is over your head right now. Pretty sure this guy is trolling


Probably. I never said he wasn’t.

It is actually, per the bumper rules, not specified what material the pool noodles need to be made of. That is, in fact, a fact. Therefore, per the bumper rules, it’s legal.

But legal != smart.


Smart would be me not engaging in this one, yet here I am


Yes. It’s completely legal. Do it.


Yes, lol I did know exactly what it was before clicking on it. Best CD troll post ever.


So obviously inflatable pool noodles are a bad idea… And they WILL pop immediately upon contact with another robot… But I kinda want to see someone do it anyways just to “stick it to 'em” and illustrate the point why the GDC should stop writing vague rules.

how hard do other robots hit? does stuff really break that much?

We try to make our robots soft and fluffy


This would be a great year for a wookie robot


FRC is a full contact sport. Battlebots strategies are ruled out by G25, but note that this specifically only limits interaction inside the frame perimeter. While the percentages depend on where you are (some regions are far higher D than others), you should fully expect that you will be rammed by an opposing robot moving at the maximum speed it can attain, both bumper-to-bumper and on any other mechanism you extend outside the frame perimeter.

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Keep in mind the field layout. Not only will defense give you heartburn, but also human error/operation error when driving in match. The field is “cluttered”, if you will, and this will result in teams ramming into structures. I’m not saying this would cause permanent damage to bumpers but . . . 4 Falcon drivetrain at 100% run speed with a gear ratio of 1:8.4 won’t end well. Again just to show you what I mean but still.


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