Anyone know where I can get the inflatables used for this year’s game? I know I can buy them thru andymark but they will not let you buy the yellow ubertubes

Well You must have mist them so here are some links:
Yellow Ubertubes:
Red triangle:
White Circle:
Blue Square:


my bad ::ouch:: ::rtm:: :wink:

Note: They are sold out at the moment. There should be more in stock (hopefully) in a few weeks. Until then, unless your renting THE AndyMark Field you won’t be able to get an UberTube.

I’m sure Andy and his company are working quickly to get the tubes made, and I’m sure after champs will see them for sale.

Maybe Building 19 will be selling them? (Come to think of it, the Norwood Mass store still had one or two of those tubes knocking around a couple of months ago.)