Info about a new team

I had to move this year and am searching for a new team, and I’m searching for a small community team.

I’m in Palo Alto, CA, and I noticed there is a new rookie team, and I want to see if I can get in contact with them.

Does anyone know anything about this team?

Any info would be appreciated.

Might talk to the regional director or the Senior Mentor for the region. They tend to have team contact information and know who is about to be a rookie.

Thanks! Do you know who that is?

I just PM’d you their contact info.

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For anyone else that finds this in the future with a similar question for any region, You can find local contacts here:

Just put in the program and select the nearest listed area from the drop down.

Yeah - don’t be afraid to contact us RD/PDPs or other local representatives, we love to help if we can!

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