Info on KOP Window Motor

Looking for specifications and CAD model for the current KOP Window Motor. Can anyone point me towards this? Thanks.

A quick google search found this.

Before posting such a simple question again, do some searching on google, or by even using the search tool here on Chief Delphi.

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Not much info on the output gear used.

Here is the actual link from the mechanical resources page on the FIRST website:

This is not the same link as above. This link has info about the current motor. Make sure that you are double checking part numbers before blindly trusting the first result that comes up.

edit: Additionally, links to CAD can be found through some of the CAD software links on the KOP page:

Does anyone have a lead on a source for a gear to interface with that?

just searched “module 2 spur gear” in Google.


Does anyone know the proper electrical connector for this years KOP window motor ? It isn’t on any data sheet I can find at FIRST.

I’ve been searching for info on gears/gearboxes or anything to do with this motor, and thank you for some good information.

However, it looks like all 3 sets of CAD files for the 2016 KoP (Autocad, PTC, & Solidworks) all reference a 6-tooth version of the motor – but the 2016 KoP seems to have changed to a 7 tooth version.

If you look at the data sheet in Liz’s post above it has the gear info, but not the connector info.

Thanks Ed. I had seen that, but to be honest, I can barely make heads or tails of it. I’ll send it off to one of the other mentors who’s an engineer and see if he can figure something with it.

I have followed all the links and still can not find the CAD model that matches the drawing as linked above.
Can someone provide the file?

For those interested I have been able to generate a similar gear profile from this website.

I’m in the same boat. We modeled the gear in AutoCAD and the team is 3D printing a test adapter to validate the drawing later today. If it fits correctly I’ll post the file for everyone. (It’s just the gear/cog, not the entire part, but it’s a start, and honestly, we all stink at CAD :slight_smile: )

So we test printed a fitting. Unfortunately it didn’t quite fit, but we suspect it was due to the student not setting the print quality settings as high as they should. Visually it’s a good fit, so we’re hoping the 2nd print run tomorrow will be better.