Information about Japanese teams?

Hello Chief Delphi,

I was wondering if anyone had information on the FIRST teams in JAPAN? I have scoured the net and forums, but could not find any trace of them (in English anyway…)

I could only find one team number for a team in Tokyo: Team 15650 - Falcons Japan

Other than that, no information could be discovered using the team name or number on google. I would like to get in contact with that team, school, or teachers involved. If anyone has their contact information, please PM the info to me (for privacy, please DO NOT post private information as a reply).

Thanks in advance!

Currently, there are 2 Japanese FRC teams: 5701 Indigo Ninjas and 5749 Tokyo Technical Samurai. You should be able to find their contact info on their websites: and

Thank you very much! I will look into their websites when i have a moment.