Information For All Mascots

Hello I am Freddie the Falcon for team 842. This is to let all mascots know in San Diego we had made-up a cheer that all can use and it is easy to learn. We got the whole collisem to do the cheer with us. I was wondering if all the mascots from every team would like to know this cheer it is really easy to learn. If you want to know this Cheer before you go to your Regional or your next Regional. please ask me and I will post it for all to see.

For the teams that are going to Las Vagas Regionals, I was thinking that we can do the cheer I was talking about there to show how much spirit we have to the crowd and then maybe at the near end of everything like after or before the awards which ever you think is best or we can do it when they get all the mascots to dance out on the field, we can do it then as well before we start dancing. If you don’t think we should do it then it’s ok, it was just a suggestion, something i thought would be fun.:slight_smile:

Well thank you for your time and can you let me know later if possible.:smiley:
Freddie the Falcon