Information Overload Strategies

As if there isn’t so much information in general, the first couple weeks after kickoff it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are many more CD threads, the FRC Discord scrolls so quickly as to not to keep up, you have multiple Fi3D teams producing hours of material and testing, the Open Alliance has multiple build blogs, and also all the various docs. I just wanted to see what strategies or thoughts others had on this as we get ready for the season, and it may be something to share these ideas with students so they can successfully navigate it?

My own thoughts...
  • Keep from disrupting your basic needs as much as possible.
  • Make reading and viewing online part of your schedule and try to keep to it.
  • It is okay not seeing it all, and you have to just accept that. You may miss some details that you’d wish to have see.
  • Don’t let pursuit of all the information make you distant to the design conversations with team members. They are most important in the final direction you will take so they have to be involved.
  • Use search to look for specific interest rather than reading through all the documents, discord chats, CD threads, etc.
  • Avoid really long threads unless there is something important for you to read in it.
  • Try to avoid making long threads by being considerate to post only what is necessary.
  • Reduce the different number of things you are following. For example

I hope there was supposed to be a “from” in there?


No sleep to GRB!

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