information, websites and videos about FRC

I am interesting in stuffs like websites or videos that have information that can help me in these two issues:

  1. Information that can help me to convince children to want to be part of our high school FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team
  2. In my high school they are several fathers’ of children that study in my high school and they works in several different companies that are related to robotics \ mechanics \ control industries and I am search information that can help me to convince the fathers and their children to be part of our FRC team and also to convince these fathers to help and promote our FRC team
    I will glad if you can help to find good information \ websites \ videos that can help me in these two issues

Take them to the nearest offseason.

FIRST has worked a lot to make the program look desirable to both students, mentors, and parents. Here is just one section from the FRC website.

Students get to:

checkbox blue Learn from professional engineers
checkbox blue Build and compete with a robot of their own design
checkbox blue Learn and use sophisticated software and hardware
checkbox blue Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments
checkbox blue Earn a place in the World Championship
checkbox blue Qualify for over $20 million in college scholarships

There are also many other resources and links on the site. And if they’re not impressed by that, they might be by these people.

Thank you very much for the links !
I will glad to receive more and more good links

Good timing, the official *FIRST *Championship recap video just came out today: