Infra Red Problem

Hello all,
we recently have a problem with our InfraRed board. It is connected to the robot correctly, yet when we push the the learn button then turn the robot on the Error LED flashes once, than all the other CMD LED light… as a result we canot train/use our board, anyone can might suggest what our problem might be, and/or how we can solve this?
Thanks in advance,
Steampunk 1577

It might be corrupted PIC code on the board. Check one of the updates, I belive it includes instructions on where you can send it to fix it.

There is an update to the code for this board. It requires a PIC II programmer and the latest software. The hardware should be in the FTA box at your regional and the inspector should have the software to make the change. I programmed something like 25-30 at the Boilermaker Regional.