Initial RobotPy 2020 RoboRIO release

Initial RobotPy for RoboRIO is out! It’s a bit rough, but a lot of things are there and working. Unfortunately, documentation hasn’t been updated yet, and third party vendor support will be something I tackle tomorrow night.

pyfrc and the robotpy-installer have been updated (thanks to Nick of team 5654 for that!). Still no OSX support, someone needs to step up and make that work.

I’ve pushed pyfrc as a beta release, so you have to pass the --pre flag to pip.

py -m pip install --pre pyfrc

Additionally, the RobotPy RoboRIO installer is no longer a standalone download, but it is installed as part of pyfrc.

Using it is mostly the same as before:

py -m robotpy-installer download-robotpy
py -m robotpy-installer install-robotpy

There’s still work to be done, join us on gitter to help finish it up!


Is the ctre and or the rev opkg updated?

Not yet, but they are working on it.

Everything that is available is listed at … and nope, not ready yet.

Thank you so much! is it possible to program a test robot with what is out now? I am trying to make a program for a test drive.

Yes, as long as you’re using motors that ship with WPILib, they should work. If they don’t work, please report it as a bug and we’ll try to address it.

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Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to respond I hope that there are no problems.

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